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What is Team Internet? From the Team Internet FAQ:

    Team Internet is a social organization of paintball players that have access
    to the rec.sport.paintball newsgroup on the internet and connected networks.
    It is more of a club than a team.  We rarely play together, and then usually
    only in very small groups.  Membership in other real teams has nothing to do
    with and is unaffected by Team Internet membership.  There are currently
    three "rules" for membership:  You must have played at least once, you must be
    able to read rec.sport.paintball, and you are a good sportsman (no cheating,
    helpful to newbies, ...).  The last is probably the most important.
You can join Team Internet by using this handy fill out form. (HTML Forms support required). Or by sending mail to the Keeper of the List (KotL) and including the following information: