World Cup Virtual Fieldwalks
October is almost here and that means it's time for jack-o-lanterns, candy-corn and the PSP Paintball World Cup. Take a look at the World Cup fields from every angle and pick your lanes in the Virtual Fieldwalk.
Deathstix Barrel
The Deathstix barrel is a well presented product, with eye catching looks, and a measurable weight saving over its all aluminum counterparts. Its bore sizing back sections, while short in length produced a measurable effect on both consistency and accuracy performance under controlled testing.
USPL DC Challenge Underway
USPL puts 7 man action in the shadow of the American capital.
First Strike Projectiles
Tiberius Arms and Perfect Circle have teamed up to provide a paint projectile with a new shape, new materials, and new marker to fire it – all in the quest for improved accuracy and range.
DC Challenge Fieldwalk
The USPL is gearing up for its East Coast event. Get ready for the games at Pevs with the WARPIG Virtual Fieldwalk of the 2009 DC Challenge.
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