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WARPIG Field Finder
* Montana  *


Players allowed to bring their own paint Pump Paintgun Rentals available
Only paint purchased at the field is allowed Semiauto Paintgun Rentals available
CO2 fills Sheltered staging areas
3,000 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Food/Beverages available
4,500 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Paved parking and access road
Wooded/Natural terrain fields Permanent Restroom facilities
Concept fields like Speedball, Hyperball, Sup'Air Ball, etc. Factory trained/authorized airsmith
Indoor fields Walk-On players welcome (check schedules to make sure the field is open)
Discounts available to SPPLAT members


Splattertime Paintball
Entry Date: Mon Jan 21 2002

Weather Report

22 White Lane Great Falls, MT Montana 59404
(406) 964-0877 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_FillsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldWalkons_Welcome
Currently offering speedball and splatterball fields. On-site shop and store, with a airsmith on duty. Open Sundays to the public, and available for reservation Monday thru Saturday.
Diamond Paintball
Entry Date: Wed Mar 6 2002

Weather Report

1.4 miles North of Kmart in the Heights toward Roundup Billings Montana 59105
406-698-4957 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_Fills4500psi_FillsWooded_FieldsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsSheltered_Staging_AreasFood_At_FieldPermanent_RestroomsWalkons_WelcomeDiscounts_for_SPPLAT_members
We have 40 M98 rentals and can host at our field or your remote location. We are close to town with over 70 acres of playing fields including a speedball field w/lights for night games this summer.
The BattlegroundZ

Entry Date: Tue Dec 2 2003

Weather Report

Highway 12 East Helena Montana 59635
1.406.431.0414 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_Fills3000psi_FillsWooded_FieldsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldWalkons_Welcome
Montana's newest park!! 30 acres of pure paintball paradise! All 30 acres are fenced for player safety, large parking and staging area right off of Highway 12 east of Helena, right off the pole Creek turnoff! Opening with 3 large, netted concept speedball fields on grass. With a full five man Ultimate Air field on site and set up once a month. Will have by summer Montana’s ONLY Hyper pipe field!!! The wooded fields are heaven, with flat terrian,Aspen trees, small pines and thick bushes in clumps. For those more hardy players, there is a large grassy marsh at one end of the park bordered by aspens, bushes and tall grass. And let's not forget the winter play with Snow!! The paintball hits/shots are must see with "collateral spray" that's hard to describe! Hope to see you there!
R T G Paintball, LLC
Entry Date: Wed Dec 17 2003

Weather Report

110 S Silver St / just off of HWY MT 1 about 3/4 mile east of Anaconda Anaconda Montana 59711
406-560-1561 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsConcept_FieldsIndoor_FieldsSemi_RentalsSheltered_Staging_AreasFood_At_FieldPaved_Parking_and_AccessWalkons_Welcome
Come experience Montana’s Premiere Indoor Paintball Facility. With Nearly 30,000 square feet of playing area. The 19 piece “Ultimate Air” 5 Man field changes weekly. Whether you’re looking for the competition of a tournament, the perfect party experience, or just to spend the day with friends, R T G Paintball has what you need to optimize your fun. Second 5 man "JT Sup'air" field in use during winter.
Darkside Paintball
Entry Date: Fri May 20 2005

Weather Report

1518 tower st missoula Montana 59802
406-880-2628 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsWooded_FieldsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsWalkons_Welcome
Darkside has 2 100x200 foot fields with 12 foot netting around each. One field has 28 sup air bunkers and the other field is a spool design.

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