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WARPIG Field Finder
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Players allowed to bring their own paint Pump Paintgun Rentals available
Only paint purchased at the field is allowed Semiauto Paintgun Rentals available
CO2 fills Sheltered staging areas
3,000 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Food/Beverages available
4,500 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Paved parking and access road
Wooded/Natural terrain fields Permanent Restroom facilities
Concept fields like Speedball, Hyperball, Sup'Air Ball, etc. Factory trained/authorized airsmith
Indoor fields Walk-On players welcome (check schedules to make sure the field is open)


FM Paintball, Inc.
Entry Date: Sat May 5 2001

Weather Report

County 75 Sabin North_Dakota MN
(701) 729-1643 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_Fills3000psi_FillsWooded_FieldsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldWalkons_Welcome
Field paint is available or bring your own. Field paint is $15 per 500. CO2 and compressed air fills are available for $2-$3. Over 20 wooded acres with a gutted trailerhouse, sixty large plastic barricades (275-425 gallon plastic tanks), lots of fallen trees, great cover, and more. We have one "Big Game" each month. Private games are available seven days a week. Check out for the field images. Sign up at and become a member. It's completely free. Learn what is going on in the FM area with paintball, schedule games, and more.
Prairie Paintball
Entry Date: Fri Aug 20 2004

Weather Report

1131 59th Ave SW Beulah North_Dakota 58523
1-701-873-2305 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_FillsWooded_FieldsPump_RentalsWalkons_Welcome
Prairie Paintball is a unique field that utilizes natural land features as well as man made bunkers and obstacles for cover. Currently we have a D-Day type bunker at the top of a large hill and several other bunkers. We are also proud to have a near life-sized Huey helicopter for use is several different games as a prop. A tank is coming soon to add to the features of Prairie Paintball. Aside from these things it is the only field for almost 100 miles! Everyone is welcome. Call or check our website for game dates ect.
Total Domination Paintball
Entry Date: Sun Mar 16 2008

Weather Report

1st Ave. West, Velva, ND 58790 Located Next to the Rodeo Grounds Velva North_Dakota 58790
701-338-2558 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_Fills3000psi_Fills4500psi_FillsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldPermanent_RestroomsWalkons_Welcome
Total Domination Paintball is what you've been waiting for!We will be opening Mid april to end of May. We will be open Tue.- Sun. 12pm - 8pm. We have the only speedball field you'll find in the state of ND. We have full rental packages for $30 and if you own your own equip. it's only $15 for all day play. We will be carrying everything from DXS paint to Nelson sport rec paint. We have snacks available, two porta potties, camping a block away if you want to play two days in a row. Our airball field is a Pepsi Sponsored field, 20 foot netting all arround the field for safety.We will be holding several tournaments this summer, hopefully get some serious players out to do some ballin. If your looking for something that isn't wood pallets or barrels, this is the place to be!!!

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