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WARPIG Field Finder
* Wyoming  *


Players allowed to bring their own paint Pump Paintgun Rentals available
Only paint purchased at the field is allowed Semiauto Paintgun Rentals available
CO2 fills Sheltered staging areas
3,000 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Food/Beverages available
4,500 psi nitrogen or compressed air fills Paved parking and access road
Wooded/Natural terrain fields Permanent Restroom facilities
Concept fields like Speedball, Hyperball, Sup'Air Ball, etc. Factory trained/authorized airsmith
Indoor fields Walk-On players welcome (check schedules to make sure the field is open)
Discounts available to SPPLAT members


Attic Airgun Games
Entry Date: Sun Apr 9 2000
115 S. 2nd. Douglas Wyoming 82633
307-358-3039 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_FillsConcept_FieldsIndoor_FieldsPump_RentalsSemi_RentalsSheltered_Staging_AreasFood_At_FieldPaved_Parking_and_AccessPermanent_RestroomsFactory_Trained_AirsmithWalkons_Welcome
Our field has 12,000 sq. feet of awsome paintballing area. We have a great selection of baracades. Plus we have an great Pro-Shop. We do reservations in advance.
Two Chicks Paintball Home of Team Ice Box
Entry Date: Mon Dec 25 2000
On the Wyoming Colorado border on Highway 287 25 miles south of Laramie Wyoming 80527
970-221-3176 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_Fills3000psi_FillsWooded_FieldsConcept_FieldsPump_RentalsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldFactory_Trained_AirsmithWalkons_Welcome
Our field is located on 70 acres of land with a variety of terrain, making any game or scenario possible. With our competitive prices and knowledgeable staff, your paintballing experience is going to be great.
Territorial Field
Entry Date: Sun Aug 4 2002

Weather Report

I80 and Snowyrange road Laramie Wyoming 82070
1-307-742-4155/1-307-742-3220 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_FillsConcept_FieldsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldPermanent_RestroomsFactory_Trained_AirsmithWalkons_WelcomeDiscounts_for_SPPLAT_members
we have three speed ball fields that change every month plus we are building three more fields in the near future. We can hold up to 30 ten man teams tournament at any give time. We offer group discounts. Five minute drive to hotels and restaurants. Right off interstate 80.
Shadow Walker Paintball Fields
Entry Date: Mon Sep 29 2003

Weather Report

2480 Highway 20 Greybull Wyoming 82426
307-765-4455 Field_Paint_OnlyCO2_FillsWooded_FieldsConcept_FieldsPump_RentalsSemi_RentalsFood_At_FieldWalkons_Welcome
We have four awesome fields, two with brush and trees and two speedball with manmade barriers. We also have a 40'X40' fort that is great for attack and defend or scenario games.
Paintball Island
Entry Date: Tue Dec 20 2005

Weather Report

6 miles south of Jackson Wy. on HWY. 89 Southpark Bridge Jackson,WY Wyoming 83001
307-733-1998 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_Fills3000psi_FillsWooded_FieldsPump_RentalsSemi_RentalsPaved_Parking_and_AccessFactory_Trained_AirsmithWalkons_WelcomeDiscounts_for_SPPLAT_members
Paintball Island is natural terrain consisting of two islands of 40+ acres.The islands are surrounded by large bodies of water for boundries.The field lies in a heavily wooded area with lots of growth.There are over 140 bunkers and more on the way.We are also working on another island for 2006 season.
Dead-Eye Paintball Palace
Entry Date: Thu Jan 20 2011

Weather Report

9701 Ridgeview Evansville, Wyoming 82636 Casper, Wyoming Wyoming 82636
307-259-6683 Bring_Your_Own_PaintCO2_FillsConcept_FieldsIndoor_FieldsSemi_RentalsSheltered_Staging_AreasWalkons_Welcome
Come play in our year round indoor heated and/or cooled arena or on one of our outdoor fields coming spring 2011. Be sure to checkout our website and visit our calendar page for upcoming events.

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