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WARPIG Free User Registration

And Rules of conduct

Please Take the time to completely read this page

(reading the whole thing can save a lot of confusion in the long run as you will be responsible to adhere to these guidelines)

Standing on a long history as the first web page ever devoted to the sport of paintball, the World And Regional Paintball Information Guide (WARPIG) is a free resource for the benefit of the internet paintball community. Included in the WARPIG web site are discussion forums, classified ads, calendars and other sections which allow WARPIG users to post information directly to the server. Maintenance of the site, and much news reporting is provided by the staff of Corinthian Media Services, contributors from across the internet have submitted articles, photographs, and vast amounts of knowledge in the forums, and project expenses have been met by the support of sponsors in the paintball industry, and by Bill and Dawn Mills of Corinthian Media Services.

In order to maintain a friendly environment which will encourage new players and foster growth of the sport of paintball, posting access is controlled via user registration. Violation of these rules may result in removal of posted messages or data and or account suspension.

The general rules:

  • Name calling, slander and other forms of abuse are not acceptable.
  • Discussion must remain civil.
    • Differing opinions, and negative views are completely acceptable, and messages will not be removed simply because two or more people disagree. Disagreement is the cornerstone of discussion and learning. Discussion must, however remain civil.
  • To keep WARPIG acceptable to the widest audience, and maintain positive rankings with net filtering services, posted messages must use language acceptable to a "family audience." 
    • If you are in doubt if a posting is appropriate, use this simple test - would you say this in front of your mother?  If you're still in doubt - don't post it or, consider a way to reword it that would be more socially acceptable.
  • Discussion forums are not link pages. 
    • Discussion forums, classified ads, auctions, etc. are not meant for publicizing web pages. If you have a web page you would like people to find, please fill out the feedback form with the URL so that it may be included in our link page.  It is perfectly acceptable to list URLs and refer to web pages in answer to relevant questions in the WARPIG forums.  Also, event promoters may include a URL when announcing their upcoming tournament or recreational event in the relevant forum. Postings however which conist of little more than a link to another web site, rather than actual discussion will be removed.
  • Discussion forums are not billboards for commercial advertisements. 
    • While it is perfectly acceptable for employees of paintball related businesses to answer questions and take part in discussions, the forums are not to be used by dealers looking for a free way to advertise price lists and products.  Field and store owners are encouraged to list their businesses in the field and store listings, and their events in the event calendar.  Manufacturers are encouraged to send news releases and or products for review to our feedback form for inclusion in the web site. As an exception to this rule, event promoters may announce an upcoming event in appropriate forum.
  • Spamming is prohibited.
    • Posting the same message several times, or in several areas of the web site, or posting messages that are repetitive or devoid of content simply to re-arrange post order, increase post count, or do anything other than communicate within the guidelines for which the forum was designed, is not allowed.
  • Posting of a person's personal information without their consent (personal phone numbers, private e-mail addresses, home addresses, social security numbers, etc.) is prohibited.
  • Posting of advertisements of "pay for surf" and similar internet advertising businesses or commission plan programs is not permitted.
  • Postings advocating illegal or inherrently unsafe activity, or linking to resources for same are not permitted. Some examples include but are not limited to:
    • Threats of physical violence, vandalism, harassment or other abuse.
    • Pyramid or Ponzi Schemes.
    • Unlicensed music or video sharing.
    • "Cracks," "Warez" or similar unlicensed software distribution.
    • Unlicensed manufacture and or use of explosives.
    • Unlicensed firearms modification.
  • The WARPIG forums include multiple levels of user tracking, 
    • All available user data will be made available to law enforcement agencies, or duly authorized legal investigators if the site management believes access to this data will assist in a criminal investigation, or help resolve a legal dispute.  This policy has been put in place to add extra levels of protection for people who make purchases arranged in our classified ad sections, and to guard businesses against slander and libel.
  • By registering, users agree that they will abide by these rules.
    • Users agree that for any violation of the posted rules, or for an action that the administrators of feel is contrary to the purposes of the WARPIG Project, their user accounts may be suspended, and or messages, advertisements or auctions they have posted may be removed from the web site.  Users additionally agree that they have no right to post content at, and are guests who must abide by the site rules.
  • Adult images and media content are strictly prohibited.
    • Photographs may be included in forum messages through the use of hypertext linking.  Links to, and inclusion of images deemed to be adult, provocative, lewd, prurient, or otherwise disturbing are prohibited. 
  • Avatars and signature files must follow the same guidelines as postings and linked content.
    • In some areas of the site, users may be allowed to represent themselves with an avatar, or image next to their identifying information.  These images are designed to represent the person posting the message, and must follow the same "family friendly" guidelines as other images linked in the site.  Sexually provocative photographs, whether they include nudity or not, are not an acceptable representation of the person posting the message.
  • The user agrees to receive occasional e-mails from
    • may occasionally send e-mail bulletins to its users.  It will not, however lend, lease, sell or give private user information to other parties except in working to resolve a criminal or legal dispute.  Some sections of the web site (classified ads, calendar, field and store listings and auctions) will make public the e-mail address of the person posting information within them.  WARPIG's forums give the option of a user allowing others to mail them through the forum, without making their e-mail address public.
  • The user grants irrevocable DRAP rights to Corinthian Media Services for content submitted to
    • The user grants Corinthian Media Services the right to distribute, reproduce, adapt and print content and messages submitted to  While the user will still retain the copyright to works he or she submits, he or she may not retract DRAP rights of the content.  In some forum and posting areas of the web site, the user may have the option to edit or retract his or her messages.  In other areas, and in circumstances where such retraction or editing could be done as a part of a willful deception or fraud, the user may not be able to change previously submitted information.
    • The user agrees to only submit materials for which he or she has the legal right to grant DRAP rights to Corinthian Media Services, and or which are consistent with US Copyright law.
  • Impersonating other users, persons or businesses is prohibited.
    • Choosing a username, or signing messages with a name to willfully cause confusion, or deception is prohibited.
  • The user agrees to hold and Corinthian Media Services, as well as its owners and agents harmless.
    • The user agrees he or she has no rights related to the use of the services at  They are offered as a goodwill effort to the paintball playing community, and the user agrees that, Corinthian Media Services, as well as its owners and agents are in no way liable for loss of service, or damages arising from or relating to the services provided at
  • Registration requires that the user have a valid e-mail address.
    • The user's password will be sent to this address.  At certain times, in order to prevent spamming or other disruption of the forums, the registration of new accounts from "free" e-mail providers may be temporarily restricted.
  • If you want to keep it, use it.
    • Accounts which are inactive for extended periods of time, may be deleted.  Simmilarly, old, inactive discussion threads and other outdated content may be removed from the system at any time.
Classified ad and auction rules:
The term, “buyer” refers to a person purchasing an item from a seller, or bidding on an item in the auctions.  The term “seller” refers to a person advertising an item for sale, or listing it for bids in the auction. refers to the World And Regional Paintball Information Guide maintained by Corinthian Media Services.

Both buyer and seller agree that in all situations, they are the sole parties responsible for transactions.  Both the buyer and seller affirm that is merely an informational service which they are using to contact each other, and that is not responsible for the quality of products bought or sold, the safety, legality, or merchantability of said products, for ensuring that proper payment is made for their transactions.

In using the services provided by, both the buyer and seller agree to hold harmless and Corinthian Media Services for any liabilities connected with their transaction.

    Classified Ads:
  • Both Buyer and Seller agree that they will only advertise items for sale, trade, or wanted which are legal to own and operate in their communities, and which have been obtained by legal means.
  • Forsale and wanted advertisements will only be for paintball equipment and supplies.  Mention of non-paintball products will only be limited to items which will be considered acceptable to trade for paintball items by the buyer or seller in classified ad listings.
  • The Player to Player classified ads may be used by players looking to contact other players, teams or leagues, seeking employment in the paintball industry, or by paintball related companies seeking employees
  • Ads may only be placed by individuals looking to buy or sell their personal equipment.  Persons representing stores or businesses may not enter advertisements for items the store is selling.
  • Additionally, sellers may not advertise products which they intend to build for buyers, or the sale of construction plans, diagrams, instructions or web addresses of where to find products or plans.
  • Ads may not be placed for Pyramid, or other “get rich quick” schemes.
  • Ads may not be placed for “free internet” and “pay to surf” type businesses.
  • "Spamming" - posting an advertisement multiple times, or in the wrong groups (i.e.  listing an item for sale in ForSale, ToBuy and PlayerToPlayer) is prohibited.
  • "Hit loading" - listing unrelated words in the ad to increase the chance of the ad being selected in an automated search engine is prohibited.
  • Both the buyer and seller understand that will not intervene as a mediator to settle disputes between a buyer and seller. has no way to verify identity of a buyer and seller, beyond an e-mail address.  If a buyer or seller needs to further identify the other party in a transaction they realize that it is their own responsibility to obtain legal or investigative council in this matter.
  • Buyer and seller affirm that the classified ads and auctions are not a place to air grievances.  Ads warning people not to do business with a particular person are not permitted.
  • Buyer and seller realize that they may sell an item quickly, and still receive email from people reading the ad up until or even after it expires.

  • In addition to the classified ad rules, the following rules apply to the auctions:

  • Sellers agree that they will list an item only in the auctions.  They may not simultaneously advertise their item on other Auction sites.  The seller agrees that listing the item in multiple auctions is a form of fraud, as one of the top bids would be declined.
  • The buyer and seller agree to only list items that are actually for auction.  Starting a false auction as a way of posting additional information about an existing auction, advertising items forsale, or anything but an item for auction is prohibited.
  • The seller agrees that they will not sell their item to anyone other than the winner of their auction.
  • The seller agrees that they will sell their item to the highest bidder in their auction, provided a suitable payment arrangement can be made (COD, check, money order, cashier's check, etc.) between the two parties, and that the highest bid exceeds the reserve amount if any has been set.  The seller agrees that is his or her personal responsibility to enter correct data into the system, as he or she will be bound to sell the advertised item at the closing auction price, even if that requires locating and buying items at a higher price elsewhere to make good on the deal.
  • The seller agrees that aside from the opening bid (listing the item for auction) he or she will never place bids on his or her own items.  The seller understands that the WARPIG Auction software will confirm an item being listed for auction by sending him or her an e-mail listing him or her as the first bidder, with the opening price as the first bid.
  • The seller understands that it would be fraudulent to cancel an auction once bidding has begun.  The seller also understands, that due to the changing schedules of maintenance, it may not be possible for the staff to remove an auction before it receives its first bids.
  • The buyer agrees that if their bid is the highest in an auction, they will pay that price to the seller to complete their transaction.  The buyer agrees that it is his or her personal responsibility to enter a bid correctly into the system, and that if they enter a bid higher than what they had intended, they will still be bound to that price.  The buyer understands that once they list a bid, it may not be retracted.
  • Both the buyer and seller agree that the price arrived upon by bidding in the auction does not include shipping fees, and that the two will need to agree upon these, if any are needed.
  • If either party is unable to contact the other party in an auction, their obligation to complete the transaction shall end 14 days from the completion of the auction.
  • Note: The WARPIG Auction is run with a modified version of EveryAuction by Matt Hahnfeld, of EverySoft.

How registration and posting works

Registration is fast and easy. In fact, reading this page of instructions and rules is the most complicated part.  Minors must obtain consent of a parent or guardian before registering, and that parent or guardian must agree to monitor their activities on, including posting auction/classified messages on their behalf.

Because of the e-mail verification system you must know your own e-mail address.  Over 95% of the registration problems encountered stem from a user not knowing their correct e-mail address.  If you do not know your e-mail address, contact your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.

Additionally you must accept the e-mail if you register and do not receive your registration e-mail within a few minutes, check to see if your e-mail provider or your computer has a spam blocker or filter.  It is possible that the registration message was caught in the filter.  You must receive and act on the e-mail to complete your registration.

Once you have received your registration e-mail, click the included link, or cut and paste it to a web browser to activate your account.

Your e-mail address will remain confidential. It will not be rented or sold to any outside parties as a mailing list. Registration will not result in unsolicited e-mail.  While you may receive an occasional e-mail about your account, or an e-mail newsletter from, you will never be asked to send your password to anyone by e-mail.  Never send your password to someone by e-mail.

If you loose your password after first receiving it, our automatic reminder feature can send it to you as fast as your initial registration.

You can login to WARPIG's forums with your username and password.  WARPIG's classic forums, and additional services like classified ads and auction will require your e-mail address and password, not your username.


Copyright © 1992-2012 Corinthian Media Services. WARPIG's webmasters can be reached through our feedback form.
All articles and images are copyrighted and may not be redistributed without the written permission of their original creators and Corinthian Media Services. The WARPIG paintball page is a collection of information, and pointers to sources from around the internet and other locations. As such, Corinthian Media Services makes no claims to the trustworthiness, or reliability of said information. The information contained in, and referenced by WARPIG, should not be used as a substitute for safety information from trained professionals in the paintball industry.
'Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God.' I Corinthians 4:1