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Here are just a few of the ways you can take advantage of the services at to expand your business...

The idea behind WARPIG is spreading information about paintball. We welcome your press releases and product information. Information can be sent to:

Corinthian Media Services
323 Gephart ST SW
Palm Bay, FL 32908

And of course you can always send us feedback via the internet.

Thank you for your support!

Our interactive field and store database is the oldest on the Internet.  Listings are broken down by state and region, and include contact information, a description of the location, and simple iconic symbols that allow the reader to identify the site’s amenities at a glance.  Because was founded by and for players, there is no charge to use this service to promote your business, it is   important to us that paintball players be able to find all of their playing options, not just the ones that bought a spot in a field directory - this is why players have kept coming back to our field & store listings for over 10 years.

To link in your Field go here -
To link in your Store go here -

The Internet’s oldest interactive paintball event calendar – Users can browse international event listings in calendar format.  Easy to use drop down menus allow them to see the world at a glance, and even highlight events in their region, or only what is going on in their state.  Events are categorized by tournament, scenario, big game or sale.  Listing an event in the calendar is simple, automatic, and free.

Not just for the big boys anymore.  If you’re running an event, holding a raffle, opening a new store or celebrating a shindig - all it takes is an email and we’ll let the world know!  When a press release is entered into the PR Wire, it not only goes instantly to the front page of, but also to the numerous web sites carrying the PR Wire syndicated instant update feed.  It doesn’t stop there – it also is sent out to Internet news aggregation services, as well as the editorial staff on several of paintball’s leading magazines including Action Pursuit Games, Paintball Sports International, Paintball 2 Xtremes, Crossfire, and Paintball.  Press releases can be submitted as text only via the feedback form at, or as text with an accompanying photograph (JPEG format) via e-mail.  Contact us through our feedback form and we'll send you the correct email address.  Companies which issue press releases on a regular basis may contact us about setting up an account to enter their releases directly into the PR Wire via our web portal.  This service is offered completely free of charge to all parties involved.

Over the years people have asked us why we don’t sell products through WARPIG – this is why.  We value our reputation as thorough and honest product reviewers, as opposed to ad copywriters masquerading as reviewers.  Rather than attempt to tell our readers what we want them to buy, we prefer to educate them about products so they can decide for themselves.  This approach has created a strong and loyal readership world-wide.  We believe that complex products deserve complex reviews.  When others are happy to regurgitate manufacturer statistics that a battery is good, we use computer data recorders to graph its discharge curve.  When others are happy to say they think bigger holes make a valve upgrade more efficient, we use 3D animation to show how air flows differently through the new design.  When others say a paintgun is easy to fieldstrip, we create a fully illustrated guide to assembly and disassembly helping the reader avoid common assembly mistakes.  When others say a hopper is fast because they recorded the time it took to empty into a pan combined with the reaction speed of their finger on a stopwatch, we computer record the time to empty, and compare that to on-gun performance under precision timed computer control.  When others say they shot a paintgun and thought it was accurate and consistent, we record computer controlled, bench mounted shot groupings with both the stock and a standardized barrel, and use computer control for precise timing of both low and high speed shot strings across a computer linked ballistic chronograph to provide tangible and understandable data.  That’s the WARPIG difference.  If you have a product you’d like to see reviewed, samples may be sent to the address on the back.  Confidential technical testing services are also available.

Individuals and dealers with overstocked or unique items can take advantage of WARPIG’s auction services to allow open bidding,  maximizing the final sale price.  Unlike other auction sites, the WARPIG auction service carries no listing, bid, or sales fees, it is a completely free service.

BANNERS’s operational costs are met primarily through banner sponsorship.  Banner sponsors are recognized with advertising banners at the top of the site, which both promote brand name  recognition through frequent exposure, and develop web site traffic with hypertext linking to the sponsor’s web sites.  Banners are shown on a random rotation system throughout the entire web site, so that each banner is given equal exposure (some sponsors use multiple  banners to further increase their reach.)  At, we do not use “push” banner placements.  When a user reads a page, the same banner sits on that page until they navigate to a new page.  This is important, because if banners are changed after the page has loaded, they are unseen by readers who have scrolled the page, yet statistics software records them as having been viewed.  Most importantly, banner sponsorship is priced affordably, allowing even small companies to get their message to a large, world-wide audience.  Contact us today to find out how easy it is to make your support of this sport wide resource beneficial for your business.

Hands down the most powerful way to help a potential customer remember your product and brand name is to reinforce a moving image with sound.  Television advertising is powerful – and many companies in paintball have even produced television commercials – the problem comes in finding a place to air those commercials.  Getting that commercial in front of a paintball interested audience is the key – but paintball cable and broadcast TV shows are rare, and quite costly.  Putting the commercial on your company web site is a good idea, but only reaches people who already know who you are.  Since 1997 PigTV Paintball Television has been webcasting paintball television programs to a world wide audience.  These aren’t short little video clips, but full length video programs covering paintball tournaments, scenario games and technology – over 50 programs are available to view on demand, 24 hours a day.  Like traditional television, commercials run in the breaks during PigTV’s shows.  PigTV offers television advertising with a proven track record at a fraction of the cost of a full page magazine ad.  Don’t have a commercial?  We can take care of that too –’s publisher, Corinthian Media Services is a multimedia production company with both webcast and broadcast production experience.  Contact us today for more information.

Contact us if you are interested in having a web page produced for your business. Corinthian Media Services provides full service internet advertising, from the design of the page and its illustrations to server space leasing. We additionally provide video production, print advertising, photography, and animation services on a retail or sub-contracted basis.

Take advantage of the original paintball website to grow your business!


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