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HotSeat guest:

Tom Kaye, of Airgun Designs

If you're into paintball, it's hard not to know the name Tom Kaye. The 68 Automag from Airgun designs, and its family of related markers, the Minimag, Sydarm, Micro-Mag, the Smart Mag, and now the Automag-RT can be seen through out the tournament paintball scene.

 We asked Tom about his history in paintball, and here is what we found out:

 He first heard about the game in 1982, and "had to play it". Unfortunately, the sport was so young, and undeveloped, that he couldn't find a place to play at that time. Later, in 1986 some of his friends were going to play, and offered an invitation. That was Tom's first game, and he's been playing ever since. It wasn't long before he bought his first paintgun, a PMI bolt action rifle.

The next year, Kaye got into the business side of paintball, manufacturing products for other companies in the industry. You may remember the PMI turbo valves, and the large black PMI face masks. Now you know where they came from.

 In 1988 Air Gun Designs was formed, and Tom helped to develop his first blow-back semi-automatic paintgun, the Panther. This is the one of the historical paintguns shown in the introduction segment of the 68 Automag video. The Panther was then sold to Direct Connect. While plans were laid for Daisy to manufacture the Panther, they were never finalized, so the Panther never became wide spread. That same year, AGD brought the Micro-CA to market. The Micro-CA was a quick change 12 gram CO2 system built into a paintgun stock that allowed for very fast CO2 changes, and even stored enough gas for one or two shots before the next cartridge was put in.

 1989 came, and more innovations came from AGD. This time is was the 6 pack. A new 12 gram changer that stored 6 cartridges in a spring fed magazine, allowing a player to change as fast as pulling a lever. The 6 pack made a big splash in the tournament scene which was still predominantly had a 12 gram power source limitation. In that same year, the Panther II semi-auto paintgun was prototyped, but never manufactured.

1990, was the year that the level 5 68 Automag was introduced. A paintgun with a built in regulator, and blow-forward bolt/valve system. Technologically, a radical step in a new direction for paintgun development.

In 1991, Tom and the staff at Air Gun Designs developed the first nitrogen system for paintball. It was not marketed, as the industry felt high pressure nitrogen was simply too dangerous. Today however, it's hard to find players in large tournaments still running CO2.

With improved power sources, and improved paintguns, Tom looked in new directions to improve paintball, and set out to manufacture Perfect Circle paintballs. Designed with a plastic shell that is perfectly spherical, and lacking the seams in normal gelatin paintballs, Perfect Circle balls can be filled with water, or other fills that would destroy a gelatin shell. Today, Perfect Circle paintballs are used for police and military training, where resistance to water, and easy clean-up from a water fill are desirable.

Finding these new uses for plastic shelled paintballs, Tom moved Airgun Designs into a new direction, adding police training services, and developing the Sydarm, a holsterable version of the 68 Automag to compliment these training programs.

Now, in 1996, Air Gun Designs is still bringing out new products, with a pump conversion for the Automag, allowing players to invest in one paintgun, barrel and accessories, for both pump and semi-auto play. And as a crown on the achievements of 1996, there is the Automag-RT, a nitrogen only tournament marker which allows higher rates of fire with its revolutionary reactive trigger. The trigger reacts when pulled, and pushes back with double force, resetting quicker for the next shot.

Hotseat Q&A with Tom Kaye


All the questions were very good and I am glad to see that the players on the net are interested in more information on paintball. I would like to also take this time to clarify a few facts. There have been some questions lately about what AGD has invented in paintball over the years so here are our list of "firsts".

1988  first gravity feed semi auto paintgun called the Panther (never produced)
1988  developed the Turbo Valve for Sheridan paint guns ( now found in every new Sheridan gun)
1989  first clip feed 12 gram co2 changer called the 6Pack
1990  first to develop a blow forward semi auto
1990  first semi auto to win a national tournament , Swarm, Line SI Masters
1990 we designed the Power Feed for the Automag
1991 first and still the only gun company to use computer sensors to reduce the air blast behind the ball
1991 first to develop nitrogen as a power source along with fiberglass tanks and regulators ( ask to see the date on my tank)
1992 first to develop a perfectly round plastic paintball in our sister company Perfect Circle Paintballs
1993 first to use high speed video see a ball fire from the chamber and down the barrel (watch for it in the new RT video)
1993 first to track the position of a paintball in flight ( it zig zags)
1996 first company to develop a reactive trigger
1996 first gun to actually shoot 26 balls in one second ( RT with air assist feeder and computer driven trigger)


 The BIG question is when are we going to come out with a new gun? Well its here and its called the Automag RT. The RT features a sight rail, front grip and great looks standard. The new valve recharges in 23 milliseconds. The trigger pull has been reduced except when the gun fires, then it doubles and pushes your finger back and then goes back to normal when the chamber recharges. The chamber recharges at full incoming pressure not regulated. There are no more power tube springs or hoses going to the valve. There is a new high rise power feed and increased velocity adjustment Many people have picked up this gun and fired 9+ shots per second the first time. The gun only runs on nitrogen or compressed air and represents 2.5 man years of development. This is NOT your fathers Automag!!! Look for it on our web page coming soon.

 For further info on the Automag-RT, take a look in the WARPIG coverage of the 1996 NPPL World Cup where the Automag-RT was officially unveiled. The higher rate of fire is no joke, it's like having power steering for your trigger!

From: (Rob)

    With all the new guns hitting the market, such as the Shocker and the TS-
1. What is AGD going to intoduce to push the company into the future? When
will my Minimag be obsolete?


It is now with the introduction of the RT!

From: (Frank Marzocchi)


I have a minimag, and my question is to you,can you put a uni-reg
on the markers.I've seen Oh Pawlak having one on his.
And if not,why?


Sure you can it adds another level of regulation to the gun.

From: (tero)


what is the really differents between the automag and the 


This is the most common question we get. The mag is an open bolt, pressure regulated, blow forward design. The cocker is a closed bolt, hammer spring valve, auto cocking semi auto.

From: (William G. Paterson)

Tom, just wanted to thank you for making the 68 Automag.  I think
it is great that a whole lot of people think your gun is the best
gun on the market.  It makes my job with my autococker that much
easier.  I agree that your gun is a great inovation, but i can't
seem to understand why people think they are so great.  Maybe it
is the slew of negative propaganda towards the autococker that 
has done it.  Somehow, everyone has the impression that auto-
cockers are complicated and hard to work on.  Oh well, let them
buy the mags.  I will just keep my distance and keep them guess-
ing why they bought the thing.

On an upbeat note, keep up the good work for the industry.  I 
look up to the great ones, and you are truly an inspiration to do
good things for paintball.  I will one day be on the tourney ckt,
and i hope to meet you in person.  Maybe even at this years World
Cup.  Who knows, my team might even get beat by a team with your
guns.  Miracles do happen.  Have a great time with this.  No 
response is necessary.

Glad you like your cocker William, I like mine too!!!

From: (jay )

I play with a vm-68, and I just put a SP AA barrel, a remote
and an expansion chamber on it. Unfortunately it is only firing
at 200 fps. I have turned the bolt all the way out and have the
valve set at 12 o'clock. Help!!

Sorry don't know nothin bout them guns...

From: (Edward Kang)

        This is cool. I have two questions:

        1) I have been running my 'mag vertical with a 7 oz. tank. This
            has been keeping liquid out of my gun very well. However, will
            moving to a bottom-line system and a 20 oz. anti-siphon work
            equally well in keeping liquid out? I also understand that the
            regulator itself keeps liquid out, and I've actually fired my
            gun upside down (feeding pure liquid) into the thing at least
            30-40 times before it started spitting up liquid. What's the
            big deal?

        2) My Crown Point barrel is fine just until that first ball break.
            Then the ports have paint in them and the ball does some
            amazing aerial acrobatics until I squeegie. What barrel do you
            use when you play? Have you found any barrels that effectively
            shoot through breaks?

        Thanks for the info, Tom...keep up the innovations and improvements.
        Oh yeah, and if I stop by AGD, will I get a tour? :)
Ed, the anti-siphon will work well if you set it up correctly, have an airsmith do it. Liquid always takes a few shots to get into the gun and more to get back out. There are no barrels that shoot through breaks well, sorry. You can come by for a tour but call first.

From: (Paul Alacchii)

Tell us more about the sponsorship process and how a young 
player can go about getting sponsored

If your whole 10 man team registers your guns with us we put the team on the supported teams list and you can buy parts at wholesale.

From: (Ray Alejandro)

I bought a mag about a year ago and went to an AA Raptor Nitrogen system
about 6 months ago.  Since then I have heard about a Nitrogen piston for
the Automag.  If it exists, what is it?  What does it do?  Do I need it?
and how would I go about getting one.

Wolfpack of Virginia

Ray, the nitrogen runs at a higher pressure than co2 and your reg piston might vent prematurely. To combat this we sell a piston with the pressure set to blow off higher. If your gun is not venting out the back you don't need one, if it is call the factory or your dealer.

From: (Taki Silvers)

Hey Tom-
  It must be sort of entertaining reading about all the bizarre mods done to mags these days, but
one that you claim isn't of any use seems to be the one most advised to do.
I'm refering to the 8 hole mod done to open up the regulator a bit more and fight "starving" which
occurs during rapid fire.
  What is the official and unofficial word about this mod?  It seems so commonplace that I just had 
to ask.  I had it done to my minimag and did notice some improvement.  Is this
just my mental way of justifying paying the money or have you actually noticed some improvement

     Just sort of curious...


Taki, the eight hole mod started when we found out the early guns had randomly drilled holes in the regulator that could end up 180 degrees apart from each other causing shoot down. If you have one of these guns we will drill the hole in the right place for free. If your gun has a serial number greater than 3000 the holes are lined up in production and more are not necessary.

From: (Scott Chase)

I'm interested in getting a good mag for tournaments and such.
Would it be possible to get a reduced price for one through the
factory if I put Airgun Designs on banners/wore patches etc.?

Sorry Scott, our dealers would get mad at us.

From: (Jason DesJardins)

I bought a brand new minimag a couple of weeks ago. I had smart parts put on
the magic box, i'm not sure if it added any distance because I got a AA barrel
the same time. What else if any can make the gun shoot further?  Also i've had
probelms with the valuve freezing I have a 20ozanti siphon and a remote,plus
expansion chamber,and I don't shoot any superhuman speed,any ideas?   

Thanks for the help, love the feel of the gun just hoping to get it to work

Jason DesJardins

Jason, range is an ongoing debate, we have not seen anything except higher velocity make balls go farther. Anything you do will only delay the onset of liquid in the gun, yours sounds like it is set up well but make sure the anti siphon is set up correctly.

From: (Milton Butler Jr.)

Of all the barrels currently on the market, which would you
recommend as best all around barrel for tournaments regardless of
the name brand. Also approximately what length barrel has been
found to create the best results in tournament play not including

Milton, there is no best barrel or everyone would use it. The barrel must be matched to the paint on the day you play. The there are two best lengths for barrels, short which is about 6" will give better velocity control at the expense of efficiency and long, from 8-9", which gives more efficiency but less velocity control. Remember the length of the barrel is from the breach to where any holes start.

From: DHEIKK51@MAINE.MAINE.EDU (Dave Heikkinen)
Dear Mr. Kaye,
     Here at the University of Maine we have just started a paintball
club run by the school.  We are in the process of finding land to use
as a field, and going about obtaining some guns for use.  We don't plan 
on opening a profit field or anything such as that, just a field for 
people to come and play paintball.  I was wondering what would be the 
best way to appoach different companies for support.  Not neccisaryily
monetary  support, but things such as discounts on product to make it easier on out
limited funds.  Thanks for the input in advance.

Most companies will only sell you the equipment at wholesale if you buy enough to start, try calling one of the big distributors they have start-up packages at an attractive price

From: (Phil)

First of all, congrats on an excellent company and an unbelievable
line of markers. Secondly, i'd like to ask:
What do you recomment running on a minimag with a gas thru stock,
slinky remote, with co2? i definetly want to keep liquid out of the gun,
but i'm thinking about getting a stabilizer because the one i have now 
running on another marker keeps liquid out of the gun pretty well.
However, do you have any really outstanding expansion chambers that
you have seen, or do you also recommend going with the regulator for
the added benefit of double regulation?


Double regulation will help some to keep liquid out but remember nothing keeps all liquid out it just delays the onset of the problems. If you are really worried about it go to compressed air and forget about co2.

From: (Tom McCarthy)

I own a 68 automag and would like to have some modifications done on the gun
with out having to send the gun out to be airsmithed. I have an expansion
chamber and rifled barrel for it plus the automag power tube spacer kit which
I cant get any of the spacers to work in once I get one of them in I can't get
the tip to screw in any suggestions on what else I could do to the gun. Thanx

Tom, call the factory you have some kind of problem.

From: (action)

Is there any advantage in the addititon of a magic box to a smart mag ?

It shoots at lower pressure, most players use it to bring the pressure back down when they switch to nitrogen

From: (Steve P)

What does your nitro pistion and spring pack do for the mag
and can it be used with co2 if I need to switch back

Steve, see the previous answer.

From: (Keith Green)

Do any of the aftermarket upgrades REALLY affect the performance
of the A.I.R. valve? Is there anything that can be done to a 
stock valve to improve the compressed air efficiency (more shots 
per bottle)? If the question regarding aftermarket upgrades is
too sensitive to post please Email a response.


There is no way that I know of to improve the efficiency of our gun at this time. There is a limit to efficiency because it takes a certain amount of energy to shoot a ball at 300 fps and we are very close to this limit.

From: (Steven "Copa" Cabana)

I was just wondering what Airgun Designs next step is going to be
and if there is anything thats being done to help absorb the 
effective range gap that the Autococker has over the Automag

Steven "Copa" Cabana
TIP #1744
-=Minimag w/ 10" DYE=-

Steve as I have stated many times, under controlled conditions we have never found any gun to shoot farther than another when the velocity is the same.

From: (Kent Chen)

People have always been arguing in the mag vs. cocker debate. Well, let me
offer you an alternative debate... if you and Bud Orr were in a fistfight, who
would win?

Bud would definetly kick my ass even if there were five of me!! ( But then I couldn't sleep at his house any more when I go to CA)

From: Bilbo12 (Bilbo12)

Tom, I have been playing paintball for about a year now, and I am 
only 14.  I would like to know what the differences, not differences
but a comparison of the 'mags to the 'cockers.  What do you have to say?

The cocker a great gun and so is the mag, Bud and I have the same answer, buy both!!!!

From: (Terry Garrett)

Since the mag requires approx. 700 psi input into it's system, 
I am assumining it requires this much because of it's small chamber.
So, the question is this; if the chamber size is increased by an airsmith
or if a SmartParts magic box is installed just how much lower
can the input pressure be reduced and maintain reliability.  I read somewhere
that the Mag only required about 375 psi to actually operate it's mechanism.
Just what can be done in order to lower the pressure in order to gain shot

Thanks alot for any help.

Terry, the mag runs at about 400 psi and the magic box can take this down below 400. You will NOT increase efficiency by lowering the pressure but it will be quieter.

From: (Phil)

i'm buying a minimag very soon, and i was wondering what you would
recommend putting on it in terms of excs or regulators if i'm running co2
and might run nitro in the near future. The options i am looking at are:

1) running an exc, if you like this, what brands should i use?

2) running a regulator, i'm running a slinky remote with a gas thru stock
definetly, at this point in time i'm going to get a stabilizer on the
vertical adaptor, because it regulates well and also handles liquid. However, do you
recommend running it on the remote or on the gun? if you recommend remote i
will probably get an automag instead, also, what are your thoughts on uniregs
with co2? i've heard they can only handle a bit of liquid and are essentially
the A.I.R reg all over this true? however, will i ever suck liquid
if i am running the remote, which holds 30 shots of air after being disconnected
(to give an idea of how long)?

thanx for your time,

SOG #52982
TIP #cant remember
happy paintballing =)

Phil, save your money and buy nitro now instead of spending it on something that will go in a box when you switch.

From: (Terry Garrett)

Could you please give a technical explanation as to the advantages
of using the high pressure piston assembly when using an N2 system.

Thanks again.

Terry, see the previous post

From: (Patrick Hunton)

I own a 68 Automag and want to know about the pump conversion kit.
Where can I find one and how much?

Call your dealer and tell him to call us we have them in stock

From: (Patrick Hunton)

I own a 68 Automag and want to know about the pump conversion kit.
Where can I find one and how much?

PS  Ever shot a mag with a unireg? Just wondering because I'm 
In the market for one.

See previous post on the pump and I have not shot a unireg on my gun because I have been running nitro for 5 years.

From:  (koa young)

what is next for the automag(baddest paintgun in the world) and 
air gun designs(baddest paint manufacturer in the world)

High Five!!! Check out the RT it's badder than bad!!

From: hot72chevy@22.177.105 (Brandon Sherman)

I was wondering if you have ever played with a cocker?  If you have which do
you prefer??  Also what are the advantages of the mini mag to the autococker
or minicocker?  Also what are the dirrerences from a minimag to an automag or
the micromag?  What kind of paint shoots the best out of a minimag?  and my
last question what kind of barrel do you recoment to use with a minimag?

Yes I own a cocker, and sniper #69 and #98 and #106and #608. Both guns are great guns you have to decide which one is best for you, same with barrels. The paint has to be matched to the barrel on that particular day thats why most pros have several barrels. The Mini, Auto, and Micro are fundamentally the same valve they just look different and offer different add ons.

From: (frank  marzocchi)

hi tom,

do you know if agd is coming out with a new video for the 

just wondering, because the markers are so upgraded now a days.


Yeah, I know the video is REALLY old we are finishing up the RT video and hope to update the Automag soon.

From: frog@bendnet.comm (Nick Sheridan)

With the advent of electronic airguns on the market,  where is Airgun Designs
going in the future? 

Do you have a new design to take Paintball another step further then where you
have already taken us?

How feasable is it to take the Sydarm regulator and use it as the basis for a
Mag that has no external hoses?

Nick, the Automag RT is a quantum leap forward in paintgun technology see the rags for more details.
The Sydarm valve would have problems going hoseless in the mag, but check out the RT it will go hoseless!!

From: (siti maria)

For my marketing project, out team has decided to do our marketing plan on Air
Gun Designs.  We were wondering if you could assist us with information for
our project.  Our task is to see how your company uses marketing principles in
your business.  Basically we are looking for the 4P's--Product, promotion,
place(distribution) and price.  We are to analyze how effective these
marketing principles have been used in the company and present it to our
class.  Any information that you feel can assist us in our assignment would be
much appreciated.  We got the idea to present your company because a member of
our team is a paintball enthusiast and uses your product.   Thank you for your
time.  Please keep in touch.

We feel there are three things you can get in a product, quality, delivery, and price pick any two. Here at AGD we make production decisions based on quality not price thats why we offer stainless valves and urethane o-rings, because they are better. For delivery we give the best service in the business and usually for free. You can see our techs at most major tournaments and we get about 40 calls a day at the factory. As for price, well, we got two of them right!

From: (clinton lum)

Thank you for designing a very dependable gun. I have a minimag and I 
just love it!

Do you have plans for future guns that are completely different
than the setup of an automag. 

I know that the mags are literally perfect in its design, but for
us players, it would be nice to see new guns out there.

Your wish is my demand see the new Automag RT!

From: (Jim Hickerson)

Hi Tom,

First, thanks for designing the ultimate paintgun available and providing
incredible customer service. 

But... Now what?  What's in the future for the tournament player?

Do you see your plastic paintballs reaching the general market?
Are you working on a new level of A-mag?  I have heard of a level

Thanks again!

New mag, no problem see the RT! The plastic paintballs are out now but they are too expensive for paintball we sell them to the government and the movies. The next time you see Arnold dodging bullet sparks think of us.

From: (Rob Winkle)

I am one of the top players around my county.  I need to find a challenger for
the the big game we have every year.  Could you recomend a group of

Put that challenge on the net!!! Any takers???

From: (Son Nguyen)

With all the new innovations like electronics and hopper-less
paintball guns being introduced to the paintball game, how does
the Automag or rather Airgun Designs fit into the future of 

Our reactive trigger technology is a first in paintball and will prove to be a standard for tournament play. This new trigger propelled many players in Orlando to nine and ten shots per second!!

From: (Joel Evans)

I'm interested in learning all I can about the Automag and would how to become
a certified Air Guns Designs Technician? What skills and background are
necessary to certification? 

We currently do not have a certification program but are working on coming up with something, keep in touch we will get the word out when we do.

From: (james)
For a amateur what should he copnsider for a gun.

Get the best one you can afford but remember the lower priced guns have very little resale value if you decide to upgrade

From: (Kevin Sill)

For starters, I am a tournament player who is running a 
CP/PF Automag with an AKA barrel, palmer's stabilizer, and a
114cu Air America Raptor system.  My Question is, What pressure 
should I run from the N2 tank to the stabilizer, and then what 
pressure from the stabilzer to the AIR valve?
Thank you for you time. 
Kevin Sill
Team Rapid Assault

Kevin, I personally like to run about 900 psi into the gun for fast recharge. You have to play with the two regulators to see what's best.

From: (Kristi Johnson)

As the "father" of the 'Mag, and seeing 
the umpteen gazillion modifications 
available for the 'gun, which mods do
you specifically NOT recommend for
the family of 'Mags?

Don't machine the valve or trigger. Most bolt on mods are a better idea.

From: (mike muzzy)


 why have you stayed away from the many after market gadgets 
 for the mag but you make them for others to sell with your 
aproval  ie warrented is still covered.

  we both know that many actully most don't work or change the preformance
very little.

 too bad others don't look at it the same way.
  mike m

Mike we like to make sure everyone that supports us has a chance to participate in our success as you would do with your "family". Ever player should be a smart consumer and read or ask about a product before they buy.

From: (Thomas Fletcher)

I bought a minimag about three years ago, but haven't been able to play
in the last two.  I thought I heard in a newsgroup awhile back that
Airgun Designs was offering a free foamless bolt upgrade to the guns.

Was this true?  And if so how can I get mine?

Sorry it's not free. Fifteen bucks and your old bolt will get you a new one just call the factory



Matt if your running a stingray you are not ready for nitrogen stick with co2

From: (John Kutzschebauch)

What do YOU think is the best mod's for the AutoMag to take out of the box and
up and running?  Magic box, remote, 12" SS barrel, powerfeed, VL 2000, you
name it, what in your professional opinion are the items for the AutoMag that
will fine tune it out of the box, but at the same time not blow a lot of money
for so called "trick" upgrades that do very little but make someone else a
little richer?

Thanks for your time and input!

John I have a standard answer for this, if players would spend as much time working on there game as they do trying to make there guns better they wouldn't need any improvements. Go ask each player on your team "when should you rush a hole" if you get different answers you need more training. But to answer your question you should buy a VL2000, power feed, and nitrogen in that order, the rest is up to you.

From: (Deryk Langlais)

     Without disparaging anyone's product, could you please explain why, if
the "black box" is an improvement upon the original 68Automag, why didn't you
update the design for all 'mags instead of just manufacturing the "Smart

Also, what's the last word on drilling mods?

Thanks for your time.

Deryk, the black box brings the pressure back down when you switch to nitro. On co2 the pressure is set to the best efficiency. You don't need holes if your mag is over #3000.

From: (Dave Araki)

How does the Sydarm feed? Is it akin to the Daisy Eagle semi magazine 
which is spring fed to keep the balls dropping?
Also how gas efficient is it? 

The Sydarm is spring fed like the Eagle and gets about 15-18 shots from a 12 gram if you shoot slow, about 8 rapid fire. ( its mostly used for police training they don't shoot much).
I'm running co2 with a Stabilizer reg by Palmer, can you tell me the 
optimal PSI to output into the mag. I have a psi gauge at the output 
end, so I can tell what's coming from my bottles. 

I like 800-900
Thanks for designing such as nice marker. I keep flopping 
between my cocker and my mag, but I do appreciate the quality 
and design of the automag. And obviously the performance is 
wonderful. Thanks, Dave (


From: (Rob DeLong)

Love my mag! 

I am wondering about your plans for a future SEMI are their plans
for one or do you have prototype made. I will never sell my own 
Mag but I was wondering if there was any thing in the works.

Got my 68AUTOMAG in '93 #CF08602 any info on my MAG would be nice.
Thank you for your time 

Rob we just introduced the new RT check it out!!! Call the factory we can give you the repair history on your gun.

From: (Daniel Orantes)

Hello Tom,
   I am the proud owner of a Minimag and was wondering if the Smart mag
I.A.I.R. valve was worth the investment, I have heard numerous things about
the "magic box" mod and was wondering  if this is just a mod done to the reg 
itself.  With the magic box, I have heard that it cycles slighly slower (from PCRI)  
and was wondering if the smart mag suffered from the same problem.  My mag is custom 
(cosmetically only) and was wondering what kind of things would best benefit the gun as a
whole.  If there are any drawbacks of any kind from a mod that would be
permenantely down to the AIR valve please tell me of them.  I already have a
free flow, but as far as the AIR valve, that's it.  any comments or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

thank you

If you like your gun and its working for you don't change anything. The magic box is used mostly for nitro to bring the pressure back down.

From: (Ben Hughlett)

how do you refill a nitrogen air system, how long does a tank of nitrogen
last? thanx, Ben Hughlet

Ben, call Air America they can give you all the details.

From: empiror11 (sean)

I own a custom mini-mag which I very much enjoy, but for the
first time I played against someone with a micro-mag.  It seemed
to work pretty well.  Now from what here, the micro-mag is
strictley a speedball gun.  So my question is, would you prefer a
mini-mag for an all around marker as apposed to a micro-mag?
(Including the new tournament series.)

The two guns have the same valve but different barrels, with the same barrels they would perform the same.

From: (Ssniper)

     I own a Minimag, and when I disconnect the air tank I still
 have pressure in the gun; sometimes enough for two shots.  It's
 a small thing, but it can get tricky to disassemble the gun
 because even after firing those extra shots there is still
 air in the system when I break it down.  This causes the gas
 line running to the regulator to pop out, sometimes painfully,
 on me.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions? 
 Thank you very much for your time.

Ssniper call the factory today!! Do not play with the gun something is wrong!! 847-520-7507

From: Jonathan Olkowski

In the bio provided by Warpig, plastic shell paintballs are 
briefly discussed.  Please elaborate on your plans
for this paintball as far as the general paintball market,
as well as comment on the previous efforts
of other companies to create "a better mouse trap" (such as the
"football" shaped paintballs, and the ones with fins on them).
I would really appreciate any comments you have on these two 

Jon we do have plastic paintballs, and they are perfectly round, but they don't shoot any more accurately than gelatin. This was a big surprise for us after 3 years of development. We then spent 6 months testing to find out why and discovered that all paintballs zig zag in flight reducing accuracy and this can not be overcome by anything like barrels or fins. The footballs were worse, as were custom made nylon .68 golf balls. So for now we sell them to mark trees and for police to train indoors with water filled balls. They are too expensive for general paintball, sorry.

From: (Andrew Hahn)

First off, kudos to you for making an awesome marker.  Since you are the
"father of the Automag", what kind of modifications would you recommend (if
any) for the regulator/on-off assembly (i.e.-4/8 hold mods, reactor valves,
etc. etc.)?  I know that drilling into the regulator voids the warranty, but I
also heard that AGD would drill holes in the reg for a fee as well.  Thanks!

Andy see the previous posts for your answers. Thanks.

From: (Patrick Popek)

What's going on with the new marker??  I've heard lots of rumors...
What does it do and when will it be available?   Suggested price?

The new marker is the Automag RT. It shoots faster, refills faster and looks cooler than any mag made before it! We are trying to solve the last problem with velocity and have hundreds waiting for the fix. The list price is $850 but street price will be less.

From: (paul mcclung)

Some rumors have been circulating lately about a new gun
code named P6, on  Does Air Gun designs
have anything new in the works?

p.s.  Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.

Paul  :)

Paul see previous posts on the new RT.

From: (Chad Reid)

My name is Chad Reid.  My question is.  I'm getting a 68 SmartMag for
Christmas and I would like to know the advantages and if there are any
disavantages to this product.

Thank you.

Chad you are getting an advanced marker ready for nitro. Good choice!!

From: (Tom Brendza)

I am hooked on paintball after playing for the first time
at a bachelor party this weekend.  I would like to know what 
advice you could give to a 33 year old just picking up the sport.
Anything to avoid? What equipment to buy, how to find people to
play, etc.  Also, what do you know about the Viper-M1 I see
advertised on the Warpig website?  I can't find it mentioned
anywhere else.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Brendza

Tom, don't buy anything until you go to a field and find some people to play with, LISTEN to them when they tell you what to get. Don't be cheap, in paintball you get what you pay for.

From: (Ryan Scharnowske)

How do I install a anti-siphon on my minimag?

Ryan see a qualified airsmith its not something you should do yourself.

From: (Sean Yee)

Hi Tom,
   Just want to know if your gonna start the Mag tech course
again. If yes, when? If no, why not? I heard allot things from
various people on how to fix problem mags. But, I want to learn
how to gun was built and how to maintain it properly from the 
makers of the Mag themselves. Please say you will start back up
the course. Or can someone come and take an informal course.

Your reply is appreciated,


Sean the problem was people would promise to come and then not show up. We could only run 6-7 people at a time and it would take two days. We are trying to come up with an alternative because we are getting a lot of requests maybe a video or a big course at a tournament. What do you think??

From: (Michael Donovan)

I have a straight feed mag, and I need a faster recharge. 
Would getting a reactor valve fix the problem? Also where
can I get a power feed body? Thanks man.-MD

Recharge is limited by input pressure go to nitro and run at about 900 psi. Call your dealer for a power feed body.

From: (Mike )

How does the stock Automag stack up to Typhoons?

Ask Glenn Palmer, and tell him I'll see him soon!

From: (Jason Del Toro)

Mags Rule!!!!  Are there any new guns coming out in the near future?

Two letters----- RT

From: (Patrick Popek)

I've often heard you opinion on aftermarket add ons for the mag.
I was reading the Sept issue of PCRI when on a page near the end
I saw some info on the "Reactor" on off assembly.  It sounded
too good to be true,which to me means it probably is,but I was
wondering if you have tried it?  I was also wondering if a second
regulator such as an AA Unireg would help or hinder performance
with Co2.  Would it be starving for air?  I already use an 
expansion chamber and a coiled remote.  Any help would be 

It sounds like you already have a high performance setup I would talk to someone who uses any mod you are considering.

From: (Joseph Shinn Jr.)

I have heard of holes being drilled on the mag to give it low preasure.Does
that idea work ?

Joe see previous posts

From: (Jan Rickes)

Do You think the new high-tech guns like ANGEL or SHOKER will
be the gun of choice for the PROs ?

What do you think about mods for the MAG like SPACER-KIT, 
FFV, etc.

What's is the best COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM for the MAG 
on the market ?

OK. Thats all for now BUT I think the MAG is still the best Paint-
ball gun you can buy !!!

Thanks for the compliment!! The Angel and Shocker are revolutionary designs we will have to see if they become the gun of choice on the pro circuit. None of the air systems are bad, try and get one with input and output gages.

From: (Jon Sigua)

Who was the person to come up with the idea of the regulated
blow-forward design?  I know that AGD gets the credit for it, but
who was the actual person?

Yours truly!!

From: (Bob Wiesman)

Mr. Kaye,
   First, I would like to say thank-you for making the 68Automag!!  It has
become my life.  I have just about everything I can buy for my Minimag, as far
as performance goes.  I was wondering if you could give me any information on
how to make it better....shoot faster, further, etc.  Also, what products do
you recommend for the Automag?  The only complaint I have is that I keep
breaking balls.  Could that be because I am shooting too fast?  Thanks for
reading my message!

The best mod to get is nitro, if you are getting paint up in the feed tube you are chopping balls because they are not in the barrel when you shoot. If thats the case get a Shredder feeder it should help. If they are breaking down the barrel adjust your nubbin and get better paint. Hope the gun keeps up the good work!!

From:  R.Adame

When will Airgun Designs have a web site to describe their excellent products
and provide electronic technical support? Alternatively, Airgun Designs good
provide this information via an existing web site such as Warpig. BTY, this
year I bought an Automag (with modifications), and I love it! Keep up the good
work. :)

Our web sight is under construction you will see it in a few weeks I hope!

From:  R.Adame

If the time between playing sessions is long (2-4 months, or 6-12 months),
what lubrication (parts, techniques) on the automag do you recommend for

Put three drops of oil in the air receiver and shoot it through the gun thats all!

From: (Randall Lo)

     hi tom. i love your automag, its done me good in the past. 
i say past because i haven't picked it up for a year or so. i 
want to ask you if there is anything i need to do to my automag
before i take it out on the field. what o-rings need to be
replace?, what needs to be oiled?,etc. i also run my automag off 
a nitrogen system with a regulator similar to the one on the auto
mags(an air america unireg raptor), is there anything i should do
to that?
     also, can you give me some information on the new stuff for
the automag, stuff that came out since i've been out. will my 
automag be able to compete with the new ones out there. i know, 
i know, its the man and not the gun that wins but there are 
better ways to win, and i just want to know if anyone came out
with anything for this,haha. thank you very much and keep up the
great work.

yours truly,

randall lo 

Randal, your gun just needs some oil to get it up and running, the o-rings should be fine. Same for the nitro system.

From: (JP Agustin)

Hi Tom,
I have decided to buy a used automag....but I don't know if it is
still in good condition. If so, can you please tell me some tips to
look for when I purchase this gun so I know its in good shape?
well thank you for your time and keep up the good work.
                                           - JP-

JP call the factory with the serial number before you buy it. We can tell you its history.

From: (pat)

Why did you fire Sparky?
Do you know why Air America fire Sparky?
where is sparky now???

We don't talk about why people leave the company and Air America won't either. Sparky is in New York working at ABC Paintball. He still does tech. stuff on the mags with our blessing.







                                      PAUL CUMMINGS 
                                      CAPT SOUTHERN REIGN

Thanks Paul! The Angel and the Shocker are certainly revolutionary guns, it will be up to players like you to decide if they will revolutionize the sport. We looked at electronics but we think we are offering something you should look at in the RT. Its reactive trigger technology is found nowhere else in the world on any gun.

 The RT helps you shoot faster which is why you buy a high performance paintgun to begin with.

From: (sam smock)

Tom, I have a question about mag upgrades.  I currently have the
following and am wondering where to go next. Reactor valve, foami
less bolt, powertube spacers, two finger trigger, vl2000, powerfeed,
sp venturi barrel, remote, ans expansion chamber, rg-1 regulator,
and I think thats about it.  And a trigger job.  What else is 
there that I can do to improve my guns prformance?  Right now, going 
to nitrogen is unfeasable for me.  Do you have any advise as far as
upgrades or barrels?  Thanks, Sam

Sam you have an ass kicking gun! The only mod you should consider is nitro.

From: (Renegade Scout Sniper)

I am planning to purchase a top end marker in the next few months, I have been
researching the various markers and their pros/cons (Mag, Cocker, Typhoon). I
have been considering the Automag (or variant, eg Micromag, Smartmag). What is
your position on Automag enhancements such as the 4/8 hole mod, smartmag valve
ect... do these actually enhance the performance of the marker in any way.
Also, how would you compare the mags accuracy/effective range and realiabilty
against the Cocker or Typhoon?

Before you buy check out the new Automag RT thats all I'll say ( make sure you shoot it)

From: (JP Agustin)

Hi....I just purchased an automag and I was just wondering
what is the first modifications I should do to it. thanks

No doubt the VL-2000.

From: (Barrett Nickel)

Rumors abound concerning the "next generation AutoMag."
Can you spread a little light on some?
Are you working on an electronic semi?
Perhaps a full auto?

The light now shines on the Automag RT it will shoot 26 shots per second if you can shoot that fast!

From: (duane c. ross)

First of all i wish to thank you for your time.  The question i have is on a
new type of paintball rifle that i jubecame aware of, the TS1.
Do you believe that the TS1 will take the lead in the paintball industry and
how has performed since its release in 1995.  I would appreciate 
any imput you would have on this subject.

     Duane C. Ross

Duane, go to a major tournament, look around, if you see one tell me....

From: (steve davidson)

when's the next dino hunt?

See ya in Orlando - we'll have some logoflage samples there.


Hi Steve!

From: (Richard Wang)

I have an Automag, and I'm looking around for a new barrel.  I currently have
a J&J hardchrome and looking to get a Ceramik or DYE.  Which one would you

Also, do 8 hole mods or promag conversions work?

See previous posts

From: (John Dobmeier)

First of all....GREAT Products!...enough said about that.
What can we expect from A/D in the next 24 months?
Some manufacturers are going to this electrically actuated
mechanism, do you think there is a future in this? 
Do you think full-auto will catch on, or die out?
I don't expect you to let out any secrets, but what's on
A/D's horizon?  The next MegaMag!?  or SuperMag!?
Dyin' to know in Texas,

John the RT has been introduced and is our answer to "what next??"

We would like to thank Tom for taking the time to be a guest in the Hot Seat, and look forward to exciting new products from AGD in the future.

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