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2003 Season Closers Near
October 2003

With the fall comes the close of the 2003 tournament season, it’s a wrap-up where season ender events are usually draw more teams and are played with more fire, because they are the last chance to get series points for the year’s league ranking.

Carolina Field Owner’s Association season ender has just passed.  An early end to the season for the CFOA prevented date conflicts with the NPPL and PSP, making it easier on teams who wanted to play both series.  The last event was held September 27th at The Alternative Sport in Kingsport, TN.  64 teams were in attendance ranking from rookie to amateur.  XSF and Thrash Black had played such strong seasons that they locked themselves in as series winners and reffed the event.  Over $10,000 in prizes were given away, and XSF and Thrash Black ended up winning entry fees to the PSP World Cup, and a skid of paint each from National Paintball Supply.  The CFOA has already begun planning for the 2004 season, and at the Kingsport event, CFOA leadership closed a 2004 contract with National Paintball Supply, securing National again as the league’s presenting sponsor.  Watch for more news about the CFOA season ender from WARPIG Media Partner Paintball 2 Xtremes Magazine.  For registration information on the 2004 season as it becomes available, see

A tradition in Paintball, the World Cup, is being held the 18th through 26th of October.  This year the tournament is finding a new venue in the Orlando, Florida area – The ABC Wide World Of Sports complex at Walt Disney World.  This venue, which is used for all sorts of sports competitions throughout the year means plenty of amenities on site, paved parking and well groomed playing surfaces.  In 2003 a single field was set up next to the Wide World of Sports parking lot for the NCPA X Ball Finals and NXL exhibition matches the day after World Cup.  This demonstration allowed the Disney staff to see the impact of an operating paintball field on their facilities, and paved the way for this venue in 2003.  Like the rest of the PSP season Word Cup will have open competitions in 5 player, 10 player, and X Ball formats.  Additionally the event will host the 2003 season finals competition for the NXL, National X Ball League professional play.  With the number of fields on site, and parking on one side of the facility, Disney is working with Paintball Sports Promotions to provide intra site transportation, shuttling players and their gear between the parking and staging areas.  Cross promotions are planned to bring in more of the general public and Disney visitors as spectators who will get to view not only the competitions but the World Cup trade show as well.  Admission is not charged for the Wide World of Sports Complex, but Disney is offering discounted entry to the other Walt Disney World theme parks to World Cup attendees who wish to combine the tournament with a family vacation.  For registration information, see  For the series rankings of teams heading into the World Cup, see

NPPL Super 7 Man Series 
The NPPL, in its first year of 7 man competition, and first year working with British based Pure Promotions has had a strong following from its ground breaking season launch on the west coast that was literally on the coast – right on the shore at Huntington Beach, California.  Over the summer of 2003 plans were unfolding for the league’s 5th event to be held in early October, on Miami Beach.  Venue and space problems prompted a rescheduling of the tournament, which will be known as the Commander’s Cup in honor of the late Maurice Gibb, to the 7th-9th of November.  The move to a later calendar date also has a weather benefit - moving the event out of Florida’s hurricane season.  Even though a hurricane would not be likely that late in the season, typical weather patterns include strong winds on the beach and thunderstorms in mid afternoon along the South Florida Coast.  Relocating to Tamiami Park, part of the Dade County fairgrounds also offers additional wind protection moving inland from the coast.  

New changes afoot before the start of this event include the appointment of Pete “Robbo” Robinson of Nexus and US editor of Paintball Games International Magazine to the league rules committee, and the long awaited adoption of standardized tests to back up the league’s existing ban on staining paint.  While the league has prohibited staining paint for several seasons, few could agree in the past what paint stained and what did not.  The new testing criteria will make the decision of allowing or rejecting particular brands a less subjective process.  For registration information see

The Pan Am Circuit
The Pan Am has gone to the opposite end of the scheduling plan by placing its season ender after the PSP and NPPL events.  December 2-7, the Pan Am Season will end at the All Sport Sports Complex in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has hosted the Pan Am finals since the 2001 season.  The season ending event will include 3 player young gun competition, 3 player stock class, 5 player competition and 7 player competition.  The Pan Am Circuit appeared on the scene in 2000, evolving out of its predecessor, the Great Western Series.  In years past it has primarily consisted of separate 5 and 10 man major competitions which culminate in the season ender which hosts both 5 and 10.  In addition to the major events, teams can raise funds by throwing affiliated tournaments.  The affiliated events are sanctioned by the league and teams can gain additional series points by playing in them.  Historically, the 5 man competition has been a bigger draw than the 10 man, but for 2003 the league swapped out its 10 man competition for 7 man, which quickly became the dominant format.  The teams have embraced the 7 man so readily that in 2004 the series will be switching to 7 man competition only.  This will decrease the number of venues needed over the year, and consolidate prize packages for larger winnings.  In addition, the league will drop its long held 200 round paint limit in favor of unlimited paint competition.  Plans remain in place for the Pan Am to be a bring your own paint series. For registration information, see

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