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Blackcat Productions

Capitol Punishment

Professor Lumpy's Academy Paintball

An American Nightmare
by Dawn Mills
May 12, 2006

Blackcat Productions has become known for their paintball scenario games throughout the western United States.  They have settled into their fifth year of scenario promotion with a twist.  In late 2005 a call went out to paintball teams to enter the ‘Become a Producer’ contest.  The challenge was far from simple.  The teams had to come up with a theme and generate a story line with main character biographies in the quest to become a producer themselves in conjunction with Blackcat’s series.

One team rose to the challenge with a story reminiscent of Tom Clancy to win the rights to call themselves ‘writers of the best story line’ for the game to be held May 20-21, 2006 in Smithfield, Ohio at Professor Lumpy’s Academy Paintball.

Capitol Punishment is a scenario team made up of full fledged Capitol Police officers - think Secret Service for Congressmen and other political figures - and their support staff based out of the Washington D.C. area have written a storyline ripped from the worst case scenario settings for government operatives.  The team was co-founded by Adam Bettis in 2004 with John Phelan, both Security experts for the Capitol Police.  With only a couple of exceptions, most of the team is made up of either law enforcement, retired military veterans or are involved in the protection of United States politicians. 

The team’s storyline, An American Nightmare, sets the stage for the May event with these real heroes writing about what would most make them stand up and fight.  The country is under siege from a terrorist threat.  Strategic objectives around the country have been over run and the President is in hiding at a select ‘bunker’ in a Virginia farmhouse filled with top political figures, key personnel and weapons when the unthinkable happens - the farmhouse is taken over and put under the command of the terrorists themselves.  The President, the Speaker of the House, the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Homeland Security are all held by those pledging their lives to the destruction of the American ideal.

FBI, Capitol Police, Homeland Security, Secret Service and Virginia State troopers are all on the side of the United States while Fazil, the terrorist group, has many strings to pull from kidnapped specialists to engineers and interrogation experts.  Spies will certainly play a role in the game, with each side getting the same number to spread mis-information and lies with a goal of making missions fail as well as to cause distrust amongst the team.

John Phelan, team member and one of the writers of the scenario from Capitol Punishment said, “We designed the missions so that there is always something there to fight for.  If you run missions, you will always find something at the flag points.  For those that just want to fight the enemy and shoot it out, we will have a flag in the middle of the field and whoever keeps their prospective flag up, that team will accrue points.  We have tanks, and actual rocket launches, chemical and biological warfare (all fake of course, and a whole bunch of other things that will make this game very cool.”

Blackcat Productions has published the game’s character biographies and critical information, as well as advance player waivers on their web site.   Significant industry support is expected at the game with tech support in the staging area, and a player’s dinner on Friday night. 

All in all, an exciting game is coming this month.  The battle for American strength against a united foe will be fought with a new twist – the game is being written by its players.

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