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Underworld Photo Gallery

Hurricane Paintball Park

Splat Action Sports

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by Bill Mills - Photos by Dawn Mills
February 2006

Hurricane Paintball Park in Palm Bay, Florida hosted an eight hour scenario game themed on the Underworld films in which vampires battle werewolves for control of the their underworld.  

The city owned paintball park recently saw a change in management.  In January of 2006 the City of Palm Bay changed general park operations from the city’s parks and recreation department to the owners of a local paintball store, Splat Action Sports, with the goal of offering expanded services, while still remaining a city park.

The Underworld scenario marked the first special event under the new management.  Produced by Extreme Entertainment Productions and presented by Splat Action Sports, the game was written and directed by Ryan “Chameleon” Carson.

Companies represented in the staging area included Splat Action Sports, paint grenade manufacturer Atomic Ordinance, and ProCaps direct, the new distributor of DraXxus paint brands.

In the game’s storyline races of vampires and werewolves are locked in a centuries old struggle for power prowl the underworld of normal humans - rarely seen, and so secretive that they are thought of only as myth.  While neither side even remembers how their feud started, both are ready to fight until the other side is exterminated.

Leading the vampire team as general was Steve Merkel of team Outkast.  Serving as general for the werewolf team was Kevin Melton from the Rogue Warriors.  Through much of the day, the werewolves were true to their animal nature, and held solid control of the fields woods, while the vampires held the more build up portions of the game site with multi-story bunkers.  

In the same way that many scenarios simulate helicopters, with a post and a rope, certain missions allowed groups of five players to move about the field impervious to their enemies.  The werewolves, when holding onto the rope led by a referee were untouchable, running in a wolf-pack.  Similarly, the vampires could fly in bat form to be inserted into the action behind enemy lines.

In most scenario games, players are able to re-enter the field from insertion points at given times, either simulating new combatants, or simply being revived without an explanation about how a killed off character somehow interacts with the storyline again.  Undead and supernatural characters made the insertion points represent regeneration of characters to their undead or healed forms.  This played in well to the ultimate goal of the game.

Both teams had the same intent – complete elimination of the other team.  Getting in the way of this plan was the fact that after they are shot, the vampires come back, and the werewolves heal.

Missions assigned throughout the game had players picking up ammo drops with free paint, or paint grenades, or picking up items critical to winning the game.  Amongst the critical items were an assembly blueprint and four sets of parts to build a doomsday device.  

Once the parts were gathered and put together, they could be activated completely removing the other team’s ability to regenerate.  By shutting down the opposing side’s re-entry point, it was just a matter of time before one supernatural side defeated their now mortal enemies for complete domination.  

As the day drew to a close with the lycanthrope side leading, the setting sun brought darkness, for a proper vampire versus werewolf showdown, the game ultimately going to the undead by a slim point lead.


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