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International Amateur Open
New Product Introductions
by Bill Mills Photos by Dawn Mills
August 2001

Brass Eagle's Charles Prhudomme

JT's Chuck Hendsch

Nathan Greenman demonstrates
the features of to Bill Mills

The Revolution is improving with
the XBoard and the polycarbonate body

Installing the X Board, or opening the Revy for cleaning is very simple

Bending the agitator paddles 
improves performance

The Revelation will come with a coupon for a free jersey

The Genesis will include a coupon for a free JT IZE mask


Brass Eagle

Brass Eagle is now more than just Brass Eagle, it is the Brass Eagle companies.  That includes Brass Eagle, ViewLoader, JT, Challenge Park Xtreme, Pursuit Park fields, and more.  Brass Eagle is working on changing its focus from the mass merchandising to bring players into the sport to supporting the dealers and players who stay in the sport. 

Brass Eagle is now providing unparalleled support for their dealers through  The new web site allows a dealer to have full access to their records, invoices and orders.  24 hours a day they can place orders (including knowing what is in stock) change orders, call up their history files, track orders.  This all works because the web engine accesses the company database directly.  The system is so easy to use that company rep Nathan Greenman commented he uses it instead of their traditional database interface because it is faster and simpler. 

The ViewLoader Revolution is being improved.  Newly manufactured Revys are being built with the X-Board, and the board is available as an inexpensive upgrade for existing Revolution loaders.  When electronics design changes were made to the Revolution in 1999, a delay was introduced between the time a ball jam was detected and the agitator spun.  This was well documented in a WARPIG Ballistic Labs test.  The X-Board addresses this issue and has been well received by players trying it in the field.  It also features a waterproofed coating to protect the electronics from damage if they get wet.  In the fall of 2001, Revolutions will be manufactured from polycarbonate (the same material as goggle lenses) which will greatly improve their strength and durability.  A couple of extra Revy tips from Nate Greenman - A large percentage of Revy problems come from hits in the front of the loader and paint dripping through the front seam in, then down onto the eyes, and the "repair" is as easy as opening the Revy and cleaning it thoroughly.  Also, bending the paddles of the agitator upward so they do not rub against the sides of the loader increases battery life and prevents them from blocking the feed neck if the batteries die.

Additionally Brass Eagle is adding two new blowback paintguns to their lineup.  Feature wise they are comparable to many of the leading blowbacks available.  It is their marketing features that make them unique.  Both will be sold under Brass Eagle's new Minimum Advertised Price plan designed to be more dealer friendly.  The Revelation will include a coupon redeemable for a jersey.  The Genesis will include a coupon for a JT IZE goggle system.

JT, Also is expanding its product line with the Excellerator paintguns, the JT Maxim series paintball, and the Avalanche series barrels - the same barrels used by the pro team Avalanche.

Josh Donahue with the new Hyperframe for the Autococker

The Hyperframe installed on a Black Magic Autococker

The internal solenoid actuates both the sear and the 4 way valve

Centerflag Products

Centerflag has built on the reputation for their air systems, adding electronic upgrade triggers for the Automag, Spyder and Piranha and other blowback paintguns.  Adding to that lineup is their new electronic grip for the Autococker, expected to be released in fall of 2001.  The design uses a single electro mechanical solenoid to release the sear and actuate the Autococker's existing 4 way valve.  According to Centerflag's Dennis Ashley this does not achieve the same maximum rate of fire as other conversions which use solenoid valves and pneumatics to achieve the automation.  The actual maximum rate of fire depends on  the Autococker on which the frame is installed, and its pneumatics.  Typical MROFs are from 11-13 balls per second, which well exceeds the 9 pulls per second he has measured many players as capable of pulling on an electronic trigger.  The advantage of the single solenoid design is that all of the electronics fit within the standard sized frame, and because the Autococker's existing pneumatics are used, the look and general aesthetics of the paintgun are retained.

PowerLyt's GripStyx frame

The GripStyx frame has slightly less angle than traditional frames

Two piece barrels

Two piece barrels


PowerLyte is a new manufacturer that is coming on strong.  Their new line includes two piece barrels in a variety of bore sizes and lengths with a patented "side by side" porting pattern.  The barrel front ends are interchangeable to adapt lengths.  Their GripStyx grip frames have slightly less of an angle to them compared to traditional 45 frames.  At first glance it is almost not noticeable, but the difference can definitely be felt, allowing the shooting hand to turn a little further upward.  The frame itself includes a "mini drop forward" to balance bottle placement.  PowerLyte jerseys compliment the lineup with strong logo graphics and vibrant colors.



ACI's Jerry Sullivan introduced the Griffin XP - the low priced Griffon with the additional flash of ACI's exclusive patterened anodizing.  The Sonic electropneumatic conversion transforms Griffons, Spyders, or Pirranhas, coverting them into electropneumatic paintguns.  The Bulldog II compressed air system features the removeable top valve access found in their CO2 valves, along with a 10-15% increase in flow volume.

Mac Development

The air systems from down under are now more than air systems.  The Mac Development line has been expanded to include the Sonic accessories.  Primarily for the Bushmaster, these include a new grip frame, feed neck, low pressure regulator, and more.

Two piece barrels
Palmer's Pursuit

"Rock" is easily the most recognized name in aftermarket pneumatics regulators for the Autococker.  Over the years the Rock regulator has evolved.  It has gone from the Rock to the Mini Rock, and now the Micro Rock.  Realizing that the relatively weak pneumatics hoses used to day act as an effective safety blow-out, Palmer has removed the relief valve from the Rock design resulting in a much smaller reg.  Rounded ends give the reg an ergonomic look, and threaded disassembly for easy maintenance.  Laser engraving indicates not only the Palmer name but even which way the adjuster screw needs to be turned to change output pressure.

Nitro Duck

Mike Clark announced the Power Booster II, booster pump designed for rugged performance with lower maintenance.

Timberwolf Paintball

Timberwolf paintball announced that not only were their drop in defiant/bushmaster fully programmable circuit boards available (programming cable included) but that their design and manufacture services were available for paintgun developers.  Their board features include anti-chop eyes, intellifeed, and drawing power from the paintgun's hopper.  Boards are in development for the Angel LED, Matrix, Excaliber and other paintguns.

The Comfort Pad in action


Redz Comfort Cover

A product the generated a lot of hubbub - one that some industry people predicted would be one of the best money-makers at the show - had nothing to do with paintball.  Redz Comfort Cover, makers of the Comfort Pack, and all sorts of Neoprene accessories is now making the Comfort Cover - wrap around neoprene pads for video came controllers.  Having just landed a deal to place the Cover in the Electronics Boutique chain of stores, Redz product - and literature about their paintball product line - is going into the hands of video gamers across the country.

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