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CBP Paintball

Field Layout 1

Field Layout 2

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Circuito Brasileiro De Paintball (CBP)
November 17-18, 2007
Photos and information provided by Karina Simões
Written by Dawn Mills

Series Champions
Open Class - Jungle Boyz
Amateur D4 - Bulldogs
Novice D5 - Adrenalina Jr

Tournament Champions
Open Class - Jungle Boyz
Amateur D4 - Hell Boyz
Novice D5 - Adrenalina Jr

Wrapping up the year of tournament paintball in Brazil, the fifth and final event for the 2007 season was held in São Paulo at the Del Verde Hotel during the weekend of November 17 and 18th.  The grounds of the hotel playing host to the fields, the event had every luxury available to the imagination.  Teams began arriving on Friday and started walking the two field layouts that were set up next to a huge staging area tent.  This event would not only decide the winner of the fifth tournament of the year, but would also determine the series champions for the Open class, D4 and D5 teams.

With thirty-two teams signed up to play, the preliminary games kept each division playing within their brackets using a round robin format.  The end of the preliminary round found the four highest scoring teams moving on to the semi-finals where the top scoring team would play the fourth highest scoring team while the second and third highest score would play one another in a best two out of three set of matches to determine ranking to move onto the final round.  In the finals, the winners from the semis would face off in another round of best two of three to determine first and second place.  Likewise, the third and fourth placement would be determined by the outcome of the games against the teams who lost the two of three matches during the semi-final round.

Coming into the event, the top Open class teams were tied for series ranking points and both were keen to make it to the top for the event and the series championship title.  Papeletto and Jungle Boyz were tied with 90 points each, closely followed by Angers Team, Ninjinhas 157 and Attack Rapinas.

Saturday dawned with beautiful weather, sunny skies and the games began at 8 o'clock in the morning.  The Open Class division fielded 13 teams including Hipertensos and Ronin Red, who while not in the running for the series title, both played extremely well during the preliminary round, but were not on top at the end of the day.  The teams headed off to the semi-final round after the round robin format of the preliminary games were Attack Rapinas who ended the prelims with a 986 total.  They were joined in the queue for the semi-final matches by Jungle Boyz with 982 points, Papeletto with 914 and Ninjinhas 157 with 894 points.

The D4 teams, the Amateur bracket, had 11 teams sign up to play for the event.  The favorites of the day, team Bulldogs and AGP played very well as did Hell Boyz, Kids and Warriors of Brazil.  Team Vikings, the amateur winner from the fourth event,  had a disappointing day on Saturday however.  After doing well in all of their matches, they received a penalty that knocked them out of the running. One of their players had substited a gun into the game which was set in the incorrect mode for the tournament.  The 100 point penalty and the six-game suspension for one of their players killed their chances of making the cut into the semi-final round by just five points.  Finishing off the day of games, Hellboys led the pack with 885 points.  Also in the top four were Bulldogs with 872 points, AGP with 692 and Warriors of Brazil with 594.

The Novice bracket, D5, had 8 teams signed up and welcomed three new teams to the series, Led Vipers, Ink Gold and Ink Silver.  Series ranking had been tight throughout the season between Adrenalina Jr, Chan and Made in Brasilia and the teams proved their progress and improvement during the year to the fans who lined the spectator area.  Zillion and Guaipecas, the only team with a female player,  competed hard throughout the preliminary games, but were not able to secure the rights into the semi-final round.  Wrapping up the day in first out of the prelims were Made in Brasilia with 678 points, Chan with 590 points, Led Vipers with 410 and Adrenalina Jr with 406.

By noon on Sunday, the preliminary games were complete, giving the top four teams in each division a chance to gather their wits and hit the field again for the deciding matches.  With each division fielding four semi-finalists, the teams with the highest points after completing the preliminary rounds would face off against the teams with the lowest points, while the teams in the middle would play each other.  After a best two of three game set, the winners of each section would then face off in the bid for first and second place, while the losers fought for third and fourth titles.

During the semi-finals in the Open Class, Attack Rapinas took on Ninjinhas 157 with two wins.  The other pairing in Open Class was Jungle Boyz who shut out Papeletto's chances at the series championship with a two win victory.

In the D4 bracket Hellboys triumphed over Warriors of Brazil in a two game sweep, while Bulldogs traded games with AGP, but came out on top with the final game going to the Bulldogs, giving them a chance at the series win.

In D5, the semi-final matches saw Made in Brasilia lose both of the first two matches to Adrenalina Jr who had had a disappointing score in the preliminary round, but came back with a vengeance during the semi-final games.  The other two teams to fight it out in the semi-finals were Chan and Led Vipers.  The newcomer fought hard, but Chan was victorious with two wins.

Sunday afternoon saw intense action on the field under sunny skies and a very warm sun while the top teams headed into the final round.

Fighting for first place, Open class teams Attack Rapinas and Jungle Boyz battled in two games, both going to Jungle Boyz who secured the win of the event and the series championship title.  Second place was taken by Attack Rapinas who placed fifth in the series.  Third was Papeletto who missed the series champion title by just 5 points, giving them second in the series and fourth was taken by Ninjinhas 157 who finished third in the series.

Finals for the Amateur D4 bracket were just as hot.  Hell Boyz took on the Bulldogs with traded games, but with Hell Boyz coming out on top with two wins to their credit.  This put Hellboys in first place for the event, but didn't keep the Bulldogs from taking their place as series champions with a credible 23 point lead over the second place finisher, Vikings.  Third place in the D4 division was AGP who finished third in the series and Warriors of Brasil took fourth for the event and 10th for the series.

The Novice D5 division faced Chan against Adrenalina Jr, where the fight for series championship was determined just by Adrenaline Jr making the cut to semi-finals.  They too, like the Open class teams, finished on top in both the event and the series giving the second place win to Chan in both the event and series points.  Third place went to Made In Brasilia who likewise finished third in the series.  Fourth place was taken by Led Vipers who finished 6th in the series points.

The award ceremony handed out 27 trophies to the top teams as well as Angel and Planet Eclipse markers for the winners.  The four organizers and sponsors of the CBP events,  Heribert Wilhelm, Kei Kato, Rodrigo Fukuoka and Roberto Ciccio, were very happy with the turnout and the continued success of Brazilian paintball.

Special thanks to Vitones, Rodrigo and all the Refs, to Gorilaz Paintball Store, Megaplay Morumbi & Paintball Pro (without these companies CBP wouldn’t happen), to Del Verde Hotel, Angel, Planet Eclipse, Severe and NPPL for  believing in our efforts and supporting the CBP since the beginning. Special thanks also to Dawn Mills and for all the help spreading information about Brazilian paintball.  Thank you, Karina Simões

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