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Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball

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CBP # 1  
March 1-2 , 2008 
Information and Photos Courtesy Karina Simões.

First Place Open Class - Jungle Boys
Firet Place D4 - Adrenaline Pura
First Place D5 - Shockers

paintballThe Circuito Brasileiro De Paintball kicked off it's second season with a tournament held at MegaPlay paintball's Murumbi field, in São Paulo, the weekend of March 1st and 2nd.

With the new season came new changes for the league. For 2008, the preliminary round of each tournament is pitting each team against competitors only in their own skill level, competing in a round-robin format. The top eight teams open class teams in the prelims, ranked by score totals, then move on to the quarterfinals where they are split into two brackets of four teams each. Each team plays the other three teams in its bracket, and based on score the two four teams move on to the semifinals, where the top team plays against the fourth, and the second and third ranked play each other. The semifinal teams go it it in a best two out of three matches, the winners facing off in the finals to decide first and second place, while the losing semifinalists play each other to determine third and fourth.

paintballAt Mega Play paintball, it was Jungle Boyz, Papeletto (RJ), Rapinas (SP), Ninjinhas Delta (SP), AGP (RS), Ronin (SP), Fire (RJ) e Ninjinhas Bravo (SP) that made the first cut from the Open Class prelims to the quarterfinal round.

In the D4 division there were 8 teams competing, AC/DC and Lemmings being brand new to the league. The top four from this division would go straight to semifinals, owing to its smaller size, and these were Adrenalina Pura finishing the prelims with 592 points, Lemmings at 490, Vipers (MB) with 422 and Made in Brasilia (DF) tied with Chan at 406. Since Made In Brasilia had defeated Chan during the prelim round, they advanced to the semis, while Chan's competition ended there.

Meanwhile in D5, three teams, all new to the series competed in a round robin with the top two going to finals. Monkey Paintball Team (ES) topped the division followed by Shockers (MG) while Commando Blackout (MG) was knocked out with a 160 point finish.

paintballWhile AGP made some power plays on the field that quickly ran up their point totals as a leader, a penalty in the quarterfinals took them out of the running for first. An illegal marker penalty resulted in a player ejection with six-game suspension, 0 points for the game, 95 points to the team they were playing against, -100 points to their total. The same penalty was levied against the D5 team, Shockers – though the small field of novice competitors held them in.

In the D4 semifinals Adrenaline Pura played Made in Brasilia with the first game going to MIB, the second ending in a tie while an Adrenalina player was steps away from making a flag hang. The third game went to Adrenalina, resulting in a tie that was decided with a one-on-one game between Luquinhas from MIB and Pikachu, from Adrenalina. The Adrenalina player took the game, and his team's rank in the finals round. Who Adrenalina would play depended on the outcome of Vipers and Lemmings – that match-up went to Vipers.

Leading the open class teams into the semi finals were Jungle Boys with a total of 292 points, followed by Papeletto and Ninjinhas Bravo tied at 210 points. Since second and third ranked teams play each other, there was no need to use tie-breaker criteria between the two teams. At 194 points, the Rapinas found themselves facing Jungle Boys.

Jungle Boys took down Rapinas with back to back victories, while Ninjinhas Bravo beat Papeletto in their first game, lost the second an won the third, securing their rank in the finals.

The D5 finals pairing was between Shockers and Monkey Paintball Team. Shockers took two victories in a row, and the first place novice trophy.

paintballIn the D4 finals, it was Adrenalina Pura that beat Vipers, for the first place amateur finish.

Regional rivals Jungle Boys and Ninjinhas Bravo faced off in the finals to determine first place, and Jungle Boys grabbed the trophy with a pair of back to back wins.

By the time the weekend was over, the players had seen good paintball weather through the whole event, as well as tough competition under the guiding hand of event promoters Rodrigo Fukuoka, Roberto (Ciccio) Santolíquido, Kei Kato and Heribert Wilhelm. In the Circuito Brasileiro De Paintball , reffing is being improved by monthly CBP reffing schools. Incentives for the CBP referees include a prize package for the ref voted best by the players at each tournament.

The next tournament in the CBP series is scheduled for April 26 and 27 at Gorillaz Paintball Field.

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