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Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball

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CBP # 2  
April 26,27 , 2008 
Information and Photos Courtesy Karina Simões.

First Place Open Class - Ninjinhas Bravo
Firet Place D4 - Adrenaline Pura
First Place D5 - Monkey Paintball

paintballThe Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball held its second tournament of the 2008 season on the grass fields of Gorilaz Paintball Field in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the weekend of April 26th and 27th.

Twenty-eight teams came out to compete. With more teams in attendance than the year's kick-off event, the format changed slightly, as growth of the novice division added a semi-final round for those teams, and more games to be played at the tournament. Although located in the city of Itapecerica da Serra (a name which literally means the slippery stone mountains) the ground remained dry with bright sun and clear skies for the weekend.

After teams had a chance to walk the fields, games begain with the open class teams playing the round-robin style preliminary round in two backets. New to the division for the 2008 season were Jungle Juice, Rapinas Silver and Playback. By the end of games on Saturday the Open Class A Bracket had completed 7 games per team and saw Jungle Boyz, Braves and Jungle Juice in the lead. Open Class B Bracket started its games Saturday afternoon, not to complete the prelims until Sunday morning. As the open class preliminary round finished up, it was Jungle Boyz, Papaletto, Ninjinhas Delta, Braves, Jungle Juice, Rapinas, Ninjinhas Bravo and Bulldogs in the top positions, moving on to the semifinal round.

paintballSeven teams came out to compete in D4. Their preliminary round started with a game pairing Adrenalina Pura, champions from the previous tournament against Chan. AC/DC then played the Lemmings who had a rough start – penalized for an illegal marker in their first game. As a result they had a player ejected with a 6-game suspension. As a smaller division, D4's prelims simply sent its top four teams to semifinals, avoiding the quarterfinal round. The final-four from D4 were Adrenalina Pura, Chan, Bushido and AGP – Guaipecas. The semifinals were played in a a best two out of three format, the winners being matched up in the finals to compete for first place, and the losers being matched to play for third. This placed Adrenalina Pura against Chan. Although both teams brought their A game, Adrenalina defeated Chan and received the first place trophy – their second in a row for this season.

Division 5, structured for the newest teams in the series used the same game format as D4. Rapinas Rookies, Monkey Paintball, Monkey Red, Comando Blackout and Shockers all had their first taste of the clean grass fields of Gorilaz Paintball. D5 battled through some serious prelims with the teams vying for position in the semifinals. With only 5 teams competing, it was just the lowest ranked team at the end of the prelims, Monkey Red, that was cut when the division moved on to the semis.

In the D5 semifinal round, Rapinas Rookies played Shockers. Trying for the best two out of three games each of the two teams ended up with a win, and their third game was a tie. This brought the match down to a one-on-one tie-breaker game, victory going to the Shockers. This put the finals pairing between Shockers and Monkey Paiontball. Shockers took the first game, but Monkey won the second and third, returning home to the city of Espirito Santo as the D5 champions.

In the open class division quarterfinals, controversy regarding Jungle Boyz and Jungle Juice led to both teams withdrawing from the event, with the six remaining teams continuing on without them. Ranked by points, Ninjinhas Bravo (255,) Ninjinhas Delta (225,) Braves (204) and Bulldogs (202) continued on to the semifinal round.

paintballIn the semifinals, Ninjinhas Bravo defeated the Bulldogs, and Ninjinhas Delta bested the Braves. This put the sister teams against each other in the finals where Ninjinhas Bravo was the victor and the open class tournament champion.

The second event of the 2008 CBP series drew to a close with sponsors Gorilaz Paintball, Megaplay Morumbi and Paintball Pro largely responsible for making the tournament possible. From Sao Paulo, the series heads next to MegaPlay Morumbi on the 16th through 18th of August.

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