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PSP LA Open 2003
Pomona, California
March 5-9th
Photography by Dawn Mills - girl

Atomix Factory
Nate Greenman
Mitch - you're a superstar, bud.
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix
Justice vs. Atomix

 So many people contribute to making an event one that is not only productive for me but who make my day when I see them, and some who make my entire week, just getting to be in their company for days at a time.  Yes, most of these are inside jokes or personal messages, but that's ok...I'm a personal kinda girl.  Travis, the daisies are awesome, thank you for thinking of me.  Chris from Crossfire Air Systems for being a gopher so I wouldn't freeze my bum off.  Alex and Max Lundqvist for the birthday surprise for my girly at home.  And big congratulations to Alex, can't wait to snuggle him.  JJ Brookshire for the coffee, caffeine is our friend.  Dilts for being a vegetarian with me.  Heather for making the event run more smoothly and for taking hours to fill out all of the game scoresheets for the 10 man -- I'm sure the refs would thank you too if they could.  Robert for duct tape and all the smiles.  Eric from the All Americans -- 'Hor-ticulture' -- I'm so glad you're back, missed you, bud.  CJ for the lolly and the kind words - you're a sweetie!  Danny for getting me high and tying me up - on the manlift and getting me zipties of course!  Wes for being so diligent and such a great man - you're the beautiful one.  Opie for being a fun roommate and for working so hard on the NXL fields - you make all of us, all of paintball look good.  Cartel for their help in assembling trophies.  Keely for the shoulder and the other stuff - you're the best girlie.  Mona and the Valkyrie Girls - thanks for the interview, best of luck with your project!  Peg, Jennifer and Lane for the girl talk.  Mike Ratko for being the score-man.  Graham, Rod and Joe at Smart Parts for making the snappy Pig Pants a reality in record time.  Terry for coming out and hanging out for the weekend - always awesome to see you.  You make us look good, hoodies, shirts, banners.  Love ya!  Sue for being the best scorekeeper and finally, Rosie, you'll be home soon, sweets.  'I have a dream....forty-five minutes!'  Most of all - thank you to the friends, family and loved ones that make up my world of paintball who make me laugh, smile and enjoy the work that I do.  The Piggy stickers on the hoppers are great teams, thanks bunches for wanting to wear them -- they really do make you run faster!  :-)

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