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On the scene coverage

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PSP Paintball World Cup 2008


Eclipse Launcher on display in the Nelson booth 


Eclipse launcher - as seen from the business end 


The Eclipse launcher feeds from 6-round packs that can be wrapped revolver style or chained together for belt-feed operation 


Sup'Air - providers of bunkers for PSP, NPPL and Millennium 


Sup'Air mini bunkers - event souveniers - or great if your cat plays paintball too 


Matty Marshall interviews Darryl Trent from DLX for the Monkey With A Gun webcast 


The Luxe disassembly contest 

IMG_7440.jpg IMG_7441.jpg

Contestants start with their hands on the mat, and marker assembled 


They have to pull the valve/bolt system out, disassemble the valve, remove the ball detent/eye covers and slap the timer button 


DLX Technology Group's Luxe Manor - the Luxe motto translates to "Give Light and Truth" 

IMG_7446.jpg IMG_7447.jpg IMG_7448.jpg

A few custom splash anno Luxes were produced for the tournament 


Color accent kits for the Luxe 


Mac Dev 


The Mac Dev crew at work 


The Spogear VersaShell for HALO, providing interchangeable tops and easier cleaning 


The new RX Cyborg - No link pin sticking out the top - the bolt is fully enclosed 


The bolt housing twists to unlock, and slides out, bringing the bolt with it 

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