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WARPIG Tourney Talk

Re: Another Crackpot Idea

In Reply to: Re: Another Crackpot Idea posted by _Hollywood_ on March 24, 2003 at 12:33:53:

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Posted by:
on March 24, 2003 at 14:17:24
Forum Moderator

: Bill:
: Unfortunately, this, and other schedules rely on tournament producers, scenario game directors, and field operators to post their events. Some of them do, and that's great!

Very true - however, creating yet another calendar doesn't address this - ours is but one of many online calendars, and the creation of more (yeah, I'll say it - this is another area where we were first and many others have copied what we have done :-) online calendars hasn't lead to one calendar that has *everything*.

It's getting the promoters to take advantage of free advertising that is the answer.

: Others have no concept of advertizing. Especially free advertizing. I guess they figure that it's worth what they pay for it, and if they pay nothing, it's worth nothing.

Possibly so.

: I would like to see the calendar broken down into sections. It would be a huge benefit, and would be quicker and easier for players to find what they want. As it is, everything is bunched together, and the player has to wade through a bunch of stuff in which he's not interested, before finding that for which he is looking. The player in Minnesota isn't going to be interested in a local tournament in New Mexico

True, that's why I added the state and regional listings to the system as well as the differentiation of type of event.

There is value to seeing everything that's happening in a month - especially when it comes to tournaments. If I'm a team looking to play in Florida next month, or a field owner, looking to run a tournament in FL next month, I don't want to do it the same weekend as the NPPL in Vegas if my team wants to go there, or I want to have amateur teams who will go there work as refs for me.

: But you do the best you can with what you get. Still, perhaps you could re-format the event entry page, so that the first entry is the state, and so that the state name or the two letter code would appear in bold lettering. It would make things a lot easier to scan.

It's actually easier than that. I agree that wading through all the listings for all the areas in one month is a lot, that's why I added the regional and state info.

In the pull down selections in the top center of the calendar where you can select the month, there are options for state and region. Select "FL" in the state listings, and all the events in Florida will appear with "FL" highlighted in red. They then stand out from the rest, and you don't have to wade through each listing comparing the state to see if it's FL or not.

Similarly, you could select by region, not just state. Select SouthEast and you'll see events in Florida highlighted, as well as Georgia, South Carolina, etc.

This gives the benefits of a combined listing, with the searching ease of a separated listing.

: And I know that no matter how good the intentions, you, I, and the rest of the media are only as good as the information we get. You could have the best calendar on the net, but unless the field operators, tournament directors, and scenario producers enter their events to it, it's not going to be very helpful.

Very true.

: So, thanks for the heads up, and I'll make use of it.

: "Hollywood"

You're most welcome.

As a bit of historical note - A few years back, in an attempt to form a central national calendar of paintball events, JJ Brookshire got a good number of paintball companies to get behind our calendar, agreeing not to sponsor events that weren't listed on it. In order to make that do-able I removed WARPIG's sponsor banners and created the URL, to make the calendar "neutral" from direct association to any one sponsor or even the WARPIG web site - WARPIG was supporting the idea by providing the web hosting and such for the calendar.

That never caught on though, as the companies didn't enforce the idea and just this last winter, I put banners back in on the calendar for WARPIG's sponsors as it wasn't being utilized in this independent way.

See you on the field,
-Bill Mills

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