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WARPIG Tourney Talk

Cool Story, Yes it actually happened

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Posted by:

on July 20, 2003 at 14:13:17

All right one time i was playing some paintball with my friends down in the revine and it was the best game i have ever played. the place where we play is flat ground in the middle, and a hill on each end. so both teams usually put there flags on the tops of the hills. so anyway we were playing with about three people to a team and i was on the blue team with my friends adam and tyler. i have a tippmann a5. tyler has a spyder shutter and adam had the pirrahna eforce. so tyler decided to hide in the tree next to our flag and play sniper to protect it while me and adam went to go get the flag. i went ahead to go sneak up the hill to snach the flag. when i got up there the flag wasnt there and two people from the other team were there to ambush us. one was about to shoot when adam nailed him with a paintball in the stomach. then the other kid started shooting at me with his full auto spyder e-spirit. i started to run and dodged most of the shots while others werent even close. then i turned around and shot him right between the eyes with my a5. his goggles were drenched in paint. then we realized that they had hid there flag instead of staking it into the hill. then we noticed that the other kid on the other team was hiding in the tree with the flag in his hand. so me and adam both started darting towards the tree. then he started shooting at us with histricyclepy brass eagle avenger. me and adam both leaped behind sepperate bunkers. man the kid with the avenger had some bad aim. so then me and adam jumped out adam shot the flag right out of his hands and i shot the kid in the arm. So then adam grabbed the flag and ran back to our base and we won. it was so awesome and i will never forget.


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