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WARPIG Tourney Talk

Re: proffesional paintbal

In Reply to: proffesional paintbal posted by Matt on January 07, 2004 at 22:00:16:

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Posted by:

on January 08, 2004 at 09:57:48

: ok, there has been alot of talk about cleaning up the proffesionall player's images, swearing, cheating exc. well, alot of the blame has gone to the refs' i think thats not right,, first of all, how would you like upsetting poeple all day, and some of these guys can really lose themselfs when in their opinion a bad call is made, but i do belive the refs can HELP, not do ALL of it, but just help, refs, u guys gotta be a lil more "not caring" about what the players think, because if you dont start it, no one will, and yet i think we can all do our part, players, if there is any of you left, even if it means losing, just clean up, it's worth the sacrifice. People wonder why paintball isnt shown on telivision more often, thats why. BUt i also beleive the sponsores and coaches and fans and league in general should just put it to an end. its not like the pro's are jsut gunna stop, the worst that could happen is they stop for a little while, just to prove a point, but they wont quite,. and to any pros out there, im not bad talking you, if you are one of the few honest clean players left, kudos to you pal.

I agree with most of what your saying, but as an NXL-ref if I make an unpopular call I can be replaced or at least made to sit out the next game. I have seen it happen, if a team owner complains loud enough he can even get a rule changed for one game only then have it changed back which should never happen. But since the teams OWN the league I guess anything is possible. As for what TV wants I was told that TV loves fights of all kinds crudge matches anything to increase fan viewership. Lets face it most people want to see lasoya run down the field causing caos as he goes. Is it any wonder that when Miami Effect plays the fans pack the stands. I dont have a problem with any of this but I dont think team owners should have the right to remove a ref from the field because of any kind of call correct or incorrect. Now if the ref blows a call that is so bad that other refs have to change the call then maybe that ref should take a break or retrain. Hey I dont have a problem with removing a bad ref as long as it is warrented. I dont know if you are aware but in world cup this year 25 refs walked off the field in the middle of the day because of the conditions on their field. I believe this happened on Div 2 X-ball but im not exactly sure. Reffing is not exactly the funnest thing to do and its no wonder why its hard to get quality refs who want to take such abuse everyday. I almost forgot you mentioned swearing, well im not going to try and stop it unless it becomes a situation where one player is calling another player a name. I dont know how many times I have yelled a curse word at myself for making a stupid move and getting shot for my error. TV loves anger and colorfull language period end of discussion.

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