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Welcome to Pig Chat

Remember, people may not be who they claim to be on the Internet, if someone says something that doesn't sound right, it probably isn't.

PigChat User Notes:

Appropriate behavior:
Although PigChat is not heavily moderated, like the rest of, what is said here should be acceptable to a family audience. Behaviour not conforming to the WARPIG user guidelines found here, may result in ejection or banning from PigChat.

Setting your name:
You may change your name from WARPIG_Guest to the name of your choice by typing a new name in the lower right of the chat interface, or typing /nick yournewname.

PigChat operates on the IRC network, the first Internet Relay Chat network run by and for paintballers.  If you experience a problem connecting, press the disconnect button, wait a few seconds, then press the connect button. You may also connect to PigChat through any IRC client software by setting your server to and channel to #pigchat. To learn more about the PaintballChat IRC network, other channels it has available, how to start your own channels, and more about IRC in general, visit

Private Messages:
You may send a private message to someone by double clicking on their name.  This will open a private message window.  You may switch between the private message window and main PigChat window using navigation buttons at the bottom of the chat interface. When someone sends you a message it will also pop up in its own window. 

Dealing with Harassment:
If someone is abusive to you, or harassing, you the fastest way to get them to stop, is to simply ignore them. You can type /ignore username to automatically block their text from your screen. This is not a directly moderated chat room and is not resposibles for what other users may say to you.

Why did my nickname get changed?
If you join, and your nickname is already in use by someone on the network, it will be automatically changed. If you use a nickname that is registered to someone else, you may be asked for a password, and then be kicked off from that name, and given name like Guest2345.  You can change your nickname at any time by typing /nick newnickname.  Even if you have used that nickname before in PigChat - if someone else has already registered it, you will not be able to use it.  You may use a similar name by adding a dash at the end or making simple changes like myname, myname-, or my-name. It is important to note, that nicknames in PigChat are not connected to usernames in the forums.

How do I register my nickname to protect it from being used by others?
You can register your nickname with nickserv.  Type /msg nickserv help for online help. Here are the basic steps you will need to register your nickname.

Register is the nickserv command you will use to protect your name. In Pigchat type: /msg nickserv register password

Where password is the password you want to use to protect your name and is your e-mail address.  Note you must give your full e-mail address, not just your screen name. The next time you use PigChat, or any other channel, you will need to IDENTIFY yourself.  You can do this by typing:/msg nickserv IDENTIFY password

If someone else uses your name, you can kick them off, with nickserv. For more information, type: /msg nickserv HELP

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