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International Amateur Open
New Product Introductions
by Bill Mills Photos by Dawn Mills
August 2001

AGD President Tom Kaye with
the Intelliframe

The Aluminum E-Mag body 
cuts a new profile

The new 4500 psi Flatline
compressed air system

Swapping breeches on the 
aluminum body is fast and

Prototype SFL E-Mag 

Prototype SFL E-Mag

Jax Warriors custom E-Mag with prototype high volume aluminum valve


Airgun Designs

AGD President Tom Kaye introduced the new Intelliframe for the Automag.  The Intelliframe fits standard mechanical Automags (classic, minimag, RT Pro, etc.) and from the outside looks like a typical aftermarket two finger 45 style frame.  Internally it features mount points to hold a microswitch that will be tripped every time the trigger is pulled.  This allows the use or Intellifeed, Warp Feed, or other loader systems which need an electronic signal from the paintgun to activate.  The long awaited 4500 psi Flatline compressed air system was shown in a pre production version, with production models expected to ship in the next few months.  Likely the hottest head turner was the new aluminum body for the E-Mag.  The new body gives the E-Mag a look that is more in line with modern high end paintguns, and offers metal that can be milled and anodized for custom versions.  A replaceable breech allows for center feed or left side feed for use with a Warp Feed (or to hold the paintgun sideways "gangsta" style :-).  Autococker threaded barrels lock the breech in place, and a pair of openings allow for a ball bearing style ball detent, and the possible future installation of an anti-chop eye.  The first in line for the customizers was Bad Boyz Toyz.  A prototype Shocktech SFL (Super F$*%&@% Light) E-Mag designed by Danny Love was shown in the BBT/Shocktech booth.

Cossio announces a product
name change
Warrior Sports Gear

Larry Cossio of Warrior Sports Gear announced, that in order to make the WSG Barrel Condom more acceptable to a wider customer base its name was being changed to Barrel Blocking Device, or BBD.

Severe Paintball

Eric Stork of Severe Paintball noted that for the last three years, he's been at the IAO industry conference representing a different company each time.  He is presently with Severe Paintball, promoting their pain.  Aside from a round, consistent ball, they are offering a that when field paint is purchased at the proper quantities the field's logo can be printed in the ball's shell at no extra charge.

Doug Zander and Forest 
Benchmark and Pro Team

Benchmark Manufacturer owner Doug Zander and Pro Team Products owner Forest Hatcher announced the purchase of Benchmark by Proteam.  Zander will continue Benchmarks development and manufacturing and the sales will migrate to be handled through Pro Team.  The two dispelled the false rumor that Benchmark was going out of business or that Zander was leaving the company.

These parts are clearly different

Xtreme Enterprises

X Enterprises is a fast growing company encompassing many areas - paint and accessory manufacturing, distribution, and tournament promotion.  Their new parts for the WDP Angel are clearly..... well, clear.  They have clear two piece barrels, volumizers, bolts, sight rails, triggers, breeches, knobs and more.

Avery Amaya from the NPSNA
Texas office

32 Degrees Tribal Vest

National Paintball Supply, North America

As is usually the case, National Paintball Supply is expanding.  Their Rebel line of blowback paintguns has grown by three new models.  They have co-branded with Smart Parts, and will be selling three different styles of limited edition 32 Degrees Impulse paintguns this year.  32 Degrees jerseys are featuring updated designs for the next year, and becoming available in both children's sizes, and a sleeveless, tribal vest version for players in hot climates.  32 Degrees will gel grips provide players with the high end aftermarket grip feel with a more reasonable price tag - MSRP of only $19.95.  Also new, for their extremely popular PT Extreme holsterable semi-auto, comes new magazine tubes.  For field owners and tournament promoters who have wanted their event to be enhanced by the T2 semi, but have been stymied by its travel schedule, another answer is in sight.  NPSNA is purchasing three high end fifth wheel trailers to assist in providing on site sales and support at regional paintball events.

Zipping around the conference 
room on a Zappy Scooter
ZAP World

A new sponsor to the International Open, ZAPWorld's (Zero Air Polution) Zappy electric scooters are entering paintball stores as a cross-over product.  The scooters are part of an interesting product line which includes a motorized tow sled for skaters, water scooters and a nearly silent electric motorcycle.

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