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WARPIG Tourney Talk

Hmmmmm try this...

In Reply to: Re: Have you ever watched an NXL game? yes I have posted by Dwight on November 07, 2003 at 13:25:51:

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Posted by:

on November 08, 2003 at 16:13:40

: : All teams cheat its just a matter of how much.

: And why is that? Maybe because the refs look the other way?

No because its hard to detect the cheating because they are so good at it, we try to curb most of it in all the leagues but you cannot have eyes in the back of your head and you must be razor quick and thats just not reasonible.

: : Ok well I guess your in your own little world called fantasy land. Its impossible to stop the swearing, man when rosie or darrel (coach NY extreame, and philadelphia allamericans) get mad they natually say fu*k and sh*t etc to penalize everyone for every little thing is counter productive.

: Wrong.... It can be eliminated when they finally realize that the wrong word WILL cost them on the field. The real question is, why do the powers who run these leagues put up with it? Don't give me thistricycle about swearing being a part of the sport or any sport for that matter. Swearing or vulgarity in any form is not acceptable when you're trying to legitimize your product.

Well on this point we will have to disagree, like I said before come join me on the field and you call every penalty you see. Show me how to do it! Lets see how long you last if you call everything by the exact letter of the law.
: : Simple there is more money in X-ball format and quite frankly then dont make any money dealing with newbie teams. TV wants X-ball not 10-man they have told us when the money starts to kick in 10-man will go away. Thankgod I dont have to deal with 10-man or 7-man those newbies give me hayfever.

: And you are what we call a Primadonna. Because you feel you shouldn't have to do anything but ref NXL, everyone else can take a hike? You are exactly the type of ref we don't need. I don't give a rat's backside how good you think you are.

Well case in point I reffed dynasty and strange to help out my fellow x-ball refs who asked for some extra refs. On sunday between NXL finals game most of the NXL refs volunteered to go ref Dynasty game at the reguest of both the teams and the x-ball refs. I dont think it was because we were in some way better but simply to give the field extra refs and eyes. NXL refs give up their own free time to help all our ref comrads on all the fields. However some fields didnt want help or want us on their field.

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