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WARPIG Tourney Talk

Re: Have you ever watched an NXL game? yes I have

In Reply to: Re: Have you ever watched an NXL game? posted by Fluke on November 07, 2003 at 03:56:30:

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Posted by:

on November 07, 2003 at 11:00:46

: I'd like to first state that I hope other referees for our national level have better grammar that yourself.

that should be then....before you rail me rail yourself lol

: Second off I'd just like to disclaim a few things and agree with a few things.
: It is hard, isn't it, with all the pressure on you guys, trying to simulataneously be bought off and prevent what they are trying to buy you off for. I.e. cheating.

Not sure what your talking about....nobody is being bought off...I could care less who wins.

:We all know about the controversy lately surrounding the referees in the PSP 10 man. (Dynasty ring a bell, anyone?)

All teams cheat its just a matter of how much.

: I am the first to defend a referee, as the job is rough. But that's what you signed on for and I am sure you can take it. If not, go elsewhere.

Hmmm I never said my job was bad? Not sure what your talking about. Maybe your talking about 10-man refs or x-ball refs?

: As for this bullhockey as to swearing being a part of every sport, swearing is apart of our world, period, but that doesn't mean that my 7 year old brother who wants to be a pro paintball player one day should be hearing foul words coming out of his hero's mouth. I stated before and I stated again that I am lucky in that the pro players I know are all decent wonderful people from what I've seen and are good role models for us all. Swearing at other people, especially on the field is downright bad sportsmanship -- so unless you support the downfall of our sport, you should at least peripherally worry about it.

Ok well I guess your in your own little world called fantasy land. Its impossible to stop the swearing, man when rosie or darrel (coach NY extreame, and philadelphia allamericans) get mad they natually say fu*k and sh*t etc to penalize everyone for every little thing is counter productive.

: The third statement I'd like to address is ... what are you going on about PSP only being X-ball? Last time I checked, and I could be wrong here, but PSP is a league. ...NXL is a league. For X-ball. Specifically. Why should PSP give up it's roots for X-ball? You can harbor our future and our past together. And we should be. PSP needs to stick to 10 man, period. It's not going anywhere, X-ball is not going to be the only competative paintball any time soon. So suck it up.

Simple there is more money in X-ball format and quite frankly then dont make any money dealing with newbie teams. TV wants X-ball not 10-man they have told us when the money starts to kick in 10-man will go away. Thankgod I dont have to deal with 10-man or 7-man those newbies give me hayfever.

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