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Directory of Paintguns

Page 1 - 68 Automag to CCM J2 Pro Series Pump

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68 Automag
Family: Automag
MFG: AirGun Designs

Pneumatic Blow Forward
Automag Twist-Lock Barrel

The 68 Automag (powerfeed body shown - right feed, warp feed, and vertical feed bodies also available) Featured an Integrated regulator (AIR valve) which adjusts velocity. It was first produced in the early 1990s, and by the middle of that decade serious tournament players were either shooting an Automag or an Autococker. While the original Automag is no longer in production, variants produced into the new millennium carry many compatible parts.
Original Automag Manual
Automag FAQ
A software simulation of the Automag in C
Kila Detents
Ravi's Automag Trigger Job - Automag Owner's Group
Automag Pump Kit - Have Blue provides tech info on this conversion

Family: Tippmann
MFG: Tippmann Sports

Inline CVX Valve
Blowback Semi
M98 Threaded Barrel

The Tippmann Model 98, and later variant, the 98 Custom are nearly identical paintguns. They are easily identified from one another by the vertical fins around the breech on the Model 98 which are absent on the Custom. The 98 Custom is designed so that upgrades such as a Response Trigger, or two-finger trigger can be installed without needing to modify the trigger. Both are quite rugged, and feature a trigger pull that is noticably lighter and smoother than earlier Tippmann models.
98 Custom R/T WARPIG Review
Tippmann Flatline Sneak Preview
98 Custom with Anti-Chop System (ACS) and Equalizer E-Trigger

Family: Tippmann
MFG: Tippmann

Inline Valve
Blowback SemiAuto
Pro-Am/Lite Barrel

The A5 drew much attention when released in 2002, due in large part to how much it resembles an H&K MP5. While bearing Tippmann's trademark durability, the A5 is easier to strip for cleaning and maintenance than previous Tippmann models. Its integrated Cyclone feeder is an indexed forced feed system that drives one paintball into the breech each time it is fired. The gas operated cyclone feed means that the A5 can maintain high rates of fire without the added expense of a force-feed elecronic loader.
A5 WARPIG Review
EastGate Design A5 Offset Hopper Adapter
LAPCO Air Cooled Machinegun Shroud for A5
Tippmann's ETrigger for the A5
Firestorm Crank for the A5
LAPCO Dual Sight Rail for the A5
Trinity Fake Silencer with Weaver Rails - RIS

Alley Cat II
Family: Panther
MFG: Indian Creek Design

ICD Vertical Valve
Blowback Semiauto
Panther Threaded Barrel

The Alley Cat was a low cost model in the Panther line from ICD, the combination of rear and vertical ASA connections gave it versatility in bottle placement, while the 3 point adjustable vertical valve allowed gas efficiency to be optimized. The Alley cat was distributed exclusively by National Paintball Supply, and produced in the mid to late 1990s.
Thundercat review by Funsupply
General ICD Cat (Thundercat, Alleycat, etc.) info

Angel IR3
Family: Angel

Multitube ram/hammer
Angel Thread Barrel

The IR3 represents the third major generation of the WDP Angel electropneumatic paintgun. With a more compact shape, less complex gas manifold and solenoid valve system, and vertical grip frame, the IR3 defined a new look for the Angel line. Its infrared communication system was a brand new system that allowed the IR3 to be programmed and adjusted through the LCD and buttons in the grip, or via a Palm Pilot without any need for programming cables.
IR3 WARPIG Preview
IR3 Software for Palm Pilot and compatibles

BT-16 Elite
Family: BT
MFG: BT Paintball

Inline Valve
Blowback Semiauto
Tippmann M98 Barrel

The BT-16 Elite, while manufactured by a separate company, has internal valve components which are compatible with the Tippmann Pneumatics A5. It features a solid billet machined aluminum receiver, and Picatinny accessory rails for the addition of scenario/milsim accessories. It also features a retracting t-handle cocking system.
BT-16 WARPIG Review

Blade and Saber
Family: Mass Merchant Pumps
MFG: Brass Eagle

Nelson Valve
Pump Action
N/A Barrel

The Blade and Saber were a pair of plastic bodied pump action paintguns produced by Brass Eagle for mass merchant stores. While both were based around a modified Nelson style pump action valve (the Brass Eagle design mounted the power tube on the hammer to minimize binding) the Blade was powered by 12 gram CO2 cartridges and had a plastic barrel molded as part of the receiver. The Saber had a rear ASA port allowing the use of a refillable CO2 or HPA tank, or the included 12 gram quick changer. The Saber also featured an aluminum barrel.
Blade and Saber WARPIG Review

Family: Blazer
MFG: Palmer's Pursuit Shop

Stacked Tube Poppet Valve
Closed Bolt Pneumatic Automation
Blazer Clamp Barrel

The Blazer it Palmer's Pursuit Shops' production model paintgun. It operates on the same pneumatic operation semi-auto principles as their custom built Typhoons, but instead of the custom brass receiver, it is housed in a compact machined aluminum receiver. This allows for tighter integration of components, and a lower price tag than a on a custom build. Of course, since PPS is a custom shop, the Blazer is available customized as well.
WARPIG Blazer Review

Family: PEP
MFG: Tippmann

Propane Combustion
C3 Barrel

The Tippmann C3 Pump represents a radical departure from traditional thinking in paintgun design. Rather than CO2 or HPA, the C3 is powered by the burning of propane gas. This makes it remarkably fuel efficient. Tippmann claims that as many as 50,000 shots can be fired from a single disposable propane cylinder that costs less than five dollars.
C3 Review

CCM J2 Pro Series Pump
Family: Sniper Compatible

Stacked Tube Poppet Valve
Pump Action
WGP Autococker Threaded Barrel

CCM's J2 paintguns were built as WGP Autococker/Sniper parts compatible paintguns. Both the pump version and a pneumatic automation semi-auto version were produced, and swapping out the pump mechanism for a pneumatics block allows conversion between the two formats. The pump version held a reputation for an extremly smooth and light pumping action.
CCM J2 Pump WARPIG Review

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