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Directory of Paintguns

Page 3 - Phantom to Spyder

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Family: Nelson
MFG: Component Concepts

Inline Nelson Valve
Pump Action
Phantom Threaded Barrel

One of the only paintguns to remain in production from the mid 1980s (1987) into the new millennium while maintaining the same basic design. The Phantom represents what became of paintguns based on the Nelson valve design in the mid to late 80 - sleek bore drop pump action paintguns. As one of the only remaining production paintguns available in a true stock class configuration, the Phantom remains a market leader for this specialty group.
The Phantom FAQ by Rob Griffin

Family: Illustrator

Stacked Tube
Blowback Semi
Illustrator/Piranha Threaded Barrel

From the late 90s and into the new millennium, the stacked tube blowback layout was common to many paintgun designs. The Piranha's distinguishing feature found in its first, as well as later models, was a thumb lever to trip and hold the sear, making it easier field strip and reinsert the bolt and hammer without removing the grip frame. From the first mechanical triggered models on up to more advanced electromechanical models with solenoid grip frames, the Piranha has been a mainstay for manufacturer/distributor PMI.
A First Look at the Piranha by CJ Schaff

Pro-Am/Lite and Carbine
Family: Tippmann
MFG: Tippmann Sports

Inline Tippmann Valve
Blowback Semi
Illustrator/Prolite threaded Barrel

The workhorse semis of the early 1990s. Tippmann's Pro-Am, Pro-Lite and Carbine were known for being nearly industructable and being backed by quality customer service.
Tippmann Pro-Am FAQ by Steve Mitchell
Inside the Tippmann - how these paintguns work
Tippmann Pro-Lite FAQ by Justin "Zorko" Grill
Tippmann Carbine FAQ

Family: Vector
MFG: Brass Eagle

Nelson/Sheridan hybrid
Autococker Barrel

The Rainmaker was Brass Eagle's first step into manufacturing an electropneumatic paintgun. In operation the Rainmaker was based on the design of the Air Power Vector, and designed by the same airsmith. In comparison to the Vector, the Rainmaker used fully interchangeable parts (Vector valve components had to be custom machined to fit each paintgun) and more modular structure, as well as the addition of electropneumatic control.
Rainmaker FAQ
Rainmaker Owner's Group

Family: Ion
MFG: Smart Parts

Spool Valve - Select Fire
Blow Forward Electropneumatic
Ion Threaded Barrel Barrel

While based on the Ion's technology, the SP-8 is built and intended for the recreational and scenario paintball market, rather than the concept field tournament player. Not only is the look different from what speedball players are used to, but the performance is not what scenario and woods players are used to. The XP-8 is the first mass produced electropneumatic paintgun built specifically for the woods/scenario paintball, bringing an electronic trigger, and the functionality of multiple modes of fire and anti-chop eyes with it. The SP-8's exterior mimics the shape and feel of an XM-8 Battle Rifle, a prototype assault rifle designed by German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch as a replacement for the US Military's M-16 design. SP-8 review
SP-8 Adjustable Stock
Stealth Barrel and Tactical Rails
Smart Parts' Firebolt and 360 QEV
Timing Guide with Dwell/ROF Calculator
APE Rampage Board
YDNA's Electronics Guide for the Ion applies to the SP-8 as well

Shocker NXT
Family: Shocker
MFG: Smart Parts

Spoll Valve
Smart Parts Barrel

Smart Parts Shocker NXT is a refinement of the Shocker SFT. Many of the parts are compatible. It features a break-beam eye system, and the Shocker HE bolt/valve system, as well as a higher-flow rate regulator based on the Ion regulator design.
Shocker NXT review
40 Minute Tech-Tour Video
A look at rebound
Shocker Owners Group
Ydna's Shocker NXT Resources

Shocker SFT
Family: Shocker SFT
MFG: Smart Parts

Spool valve
Shocker threaded Barrel

From low pressure, big, and heavy to, low pressure, small, light and fast, Smart Parts has totally redesigned the Shocker.
Shocker SFT Review
HE Bolt Kit - Smart Parts' High Efficiency bolt and valve upgrade
A Look At Rebound - understanding the Rebound Mode in the Shocker SFT and Nerve
Virtue Board from Advantage PB for the Shocker SFT and Nerve
Shocker Air Vent Manifold
Critical Impact Shocker Trigger
Custom Products Shocker Trigger
Shocker Owner's Group
Shocker SFT FAQs by Ydna
Shocker SFT Tips by Ydna
Shocker SFT Dwell, Circuit Board and Solenoid Guide by Ydna
Shocker SFT Troubleshooting Guide by Ydna
Shocker SFT Maintenance Guide by Ydna

Shocker Sport/PVI
Family: Shocker
MFG: Smart Parts

Shuttle Valve
Closed Bolt Electropneumatic
Shocker threaded Barrel

The PVI Shocker built by PneuVentures and distributed by Smart Parts and introduced to the US market an 1997, as well as its successor models - Shocker Sport and Turbo - were known for quiet operation and accuracy. With a low operating pressure these designs used dual solenoid valves, one to operate the bolt with its integrated ram, and the other to operate a shuttle valve to fire the paintball. Their size, shape and weight earned these early generation Shockers the nicknames of Shoebox and Brick.
Old School Shocker FAQ by Pal McClung
Inside Turbo Mode - a look at the controversial rate of fire ramping mode
Shocker Sport FAQ by ydna
Shocker Sport Maintenance Guide by ydna
Shocker Sport Troubleshooting guide by ydna
PVI Shocker info by ydna

Sidekick Semi
Family: ICD Fox
MFG: Paintball Stuff

Single tube inline valve
blow-forward semiauto
Fixed Barrel

The sidekick semi was produced by Dave's Scent Delivery System (a manufacturer of .68 cal scent delivery pistols for hunters) and distributed to the paintball market by While it bore a physical resemblance to the DSD9 pump action pistol, its internals and operation were completely different. It utilized a blow forward bolt similar to an Automag and Desert Fox. A spring loaded sear more similar to that of the Foxes captured the bolt and held it back. Like the later model Desert Foxes, the Sidekick Semi had no on/off valve, it simply relied on restricted gas flow to its air chamber to allow the bolt to reset. An inline spring fed magazine fed paintballs to the chamber.
Sidekick Semi review

Family: Illustrator
MFG: Kingman Group

Stacked Tube
Blowback Semi
Illustrator/Spyder Threaded Barrel

Kingman changed the face of low to mid cost semi-auto paintguns when they took advantage of high volume overseas manufacturing to bring an affordable all metal construction semi-auto paintgun to the US market in the mid 1990s. In the following years they have evolved the design of the Spyder maintaining the core stacked tube blowback layout but adding features such as anti-chop bolts and electromechanical trigger frames.
The original Spyder FAQ by CJ Schaff
Jeff Shult'z basic Spyder trigger job
Nursing a sick Spyder back to health by Dave Read

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