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Directory of Paintguns

Page 2 - Desert Fox to PPS Squall

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Desert Fox
Family: Desert Fox
MFG: Indian Creek Designs

Blow Forward bolt/valve
Mechanical Semi-auto
ICD Threaded Barrel

The ICD Desert Fox was built in the later 1990s, and operates on a blow-forward system similar in concept to an Automag. An integrated regulator in the rear of the gun adjusts velocity by regulating air pressure. Air from the regulator is fed into an accumulator chamber, where it applies forward pressure on the bolt. When the sear releases the bolt, it blows forward closing the breech and releasing gas to propel the ball before a return spring presses it back where it is caught by the sear to wait for the next shot.
Desert Fox FAQ
Desert Fox Resource

Eclipse E-Blade Autococker
Family: Autococker
MFG: Planet

Stacked Tube Poppet Valve
Electropneumatic Automation
WGP Autococker Barrel

Like many companies, Planet has produced customized versions of WGP's Autococker, starting with the body from WGP, then milling and anodizing to their own design, and adding their own components. Planet developed the E-Blade, a grip frame with combination of electronics, a solenoid valve to control the recocking pneumatics, and a solenoid to release the hammer. The E-Blade converted a pneumatic automation Autococker into an electropneumatic, with a light trigger pull and electronic timing. The E-Blade was so successfull that not only did it go on Planet's custom Eclipse 'cockers, but it was also licensed to WGP as the Worr Blade in WGP's electronic 'cockers.
Eclipse E-Blade Autococker WARPIG Review

Family: Ion
MFG: Smart Parts

Spool Valve - Select Fire
Blow forward electropneumatic
Impulse Threaded Barrel

The Ion created a new category for paintguns - Under $300 electropneumatics. Its plastic and rubber armored shell cover an all metal design. Using simplified electronics and a blow-forward spool valve, the Ion provides semi-auto, ROF ramping, burst and full-automatic modes of fire, all with internal anti-chop eyes.
Ion Review
Trinity Sick Body for Ion
Critical RPM Trigger
Smart Parts' Firebolt and QEV
Ion Timing Guide with Dwell/ROF Calculator
APE Rampage Board
Ion Electronics guide by YDNA - includes Dwell and ROF calculator
Ion Troubleshooting Guide
Ion Troubleshooting Guides
Membrane Control Pad Modification - by Chiumanfu
Visible Light Vision Eye Conversion by Chiumanfu
Dwell/Recharge calculator

Family: K-Series
MFG: Hummer Godforce Paintball

Inline hammer/valve
Blowback Semi
Spyder Barrel

The K-CQB is the Close Quarter Battle configuration of HGP's K-Series marker. K-Series markers are imported into the US and resold under a variety of names, including RAP4-Gen5 from Real Action Paintball and Trinity MG4 from Trinity Paintball. The K-Series is quite modular in terms of the accessories it can take and compatability with accessories from other markers, particularly the Tippmann A5. Its innovative feed system allows the user to choose between a traditional hopper, or an 18-shot spring-loaded magazine.

Family: Legend
MFG: Infinity

Stacked Tube Popet Valve
Autococker Barrel

Introduced in the new Millennium, the Legend is built as a no-frills tournament focused marker. It is lightweight, and designed to make both use and maintenance as simple as possible while delivering high-end performance.
Legend Review
PigTV Legend Tech Tour - 35 Minute Full Tech Video

Matrix LCD
Family: Matrix
MFG: Generation E

Spool valve
Autococker threaded Barrel

Faster, and more air efficient than its predecessor, the Matrix LCD ads the functionality and control of an LCD interface to the Matrix design.
Matrix LCD Review
Limited Edition Matrix Review
PBC Matrix LPR Review

Family: Automag
MFG: Airgun Designs

Pneumatic Blow Forward
Automag Twist Lock Barrel

The Minimag was a variant of the original 68 Automag with a deceptive name, it was actually larger than the Automag. The body tube was longer with cosmetic venting in the front, and it came standard with a powerfeed (a tube that ran across the body to feed rather than going direct to the beech - to stop ball bobble.) Instead of using a backbottle style ASA, the Minimag featured a vertical ASA in front of the grip frame. This arrangement used gravity to prevent the feeding of liquid CO2, and gave a smaller overall length when considering the paintgun and the tank, giving the "mini" name.
WARPIG Automag FAQ (dated - mid 1990s) Automags Owner's Group

Family: Nerve
MFG: Smart Parts

Stacked Tube Semi
Impulse Threaded Barrel

The Nerve represents an evolution of Smart Parts' Impulse design. It's basic method of operation is the same - a pneumatic ram controlled by a solenoid valve strikes the exhaust valve and closes the bolt. An innovative field stripping system removes the bolt and back cover with a single twist and pull.
Nerve review
A look at Rebound - how the Nerve's ROF ramping system works
Virtue Board for Shocker and Nerve - WARPIG Review
Programming the Nerve - includes timing calculators
Nerve FAQ by Ydna
Nerve maintenance tips by Ydna
Nerve timing info by Ydna
Nerve troubleshooting guide by Ydna

OGI 03
Family: Illustrator Hybrid
MFG: Odyssey Group International

Stacked Tube
Autococker Threaded Barrel

The 03 was produced by Odyssey Group International, a company formed by the merger of paintgun manufacturer Dragun and loader manufacturer Odyssey. While it physically resembles the Spyder and other stacked tube blowback semis, its actual operation is electropneumatic. A solenoid valve controls low pressure gas to drive a ram against a poppet valve to fire.
OGI 03 WARPIG Review

PPS Squall
Family: Palmer
MFG: Palmers Pursuit Shop

Closed bolt stacked tube
Pneumatic Automation
Fixed Barrel

The Squall is one of a variety of paintgun configurations that can be custom built to order from the ground up, by Palmer's Pursuit Shop.
PPS Squall Review
Typhoon Trigger Job Infosheet by Ravi Chopra
Typhoon FAQ by Ravi Chopra and Mark Weller

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