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Directory of Paintguns

Page 4 - Sterling to Z1

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Family: Sterling
MFG: Arrow Precision

Nelson/Sheridan hybrid
Pump Action
Sterling Threaded Barrel

At the end of the pump era, Sterlings were a highly respected UK import. Their valve system combined the stacked tube layout and poppet valve of Sheridan paintguns with a rear facing hammer which carried its own sear similar to a Nelson.
The Sterling FAQ by JT Shupe

Family: Nightmare
MFG: Brass Eagle

Inline Valve Design
Blowback Semi
Stingray Barrel

The Stingray broke a price barrier as the first semiauto under $200 retail when introduced by Canadian paintgun manufacturer Brass Eagle. When first introduced, the durability of its polymer shell was demonstrated in Action Pursuit Games magazine by running it over with a monster truck. After the purchase of Brass Eagle by airgun giant Daisy, production levels and mass merchant sales volume brought the price to around $100. With a low price tag, and widespread availability the Stingray found a special place with shade tree airsmiths who could easily drill and cut the polymer bodies with few dollars at risk.
The Stingray FAQ by Sid Fedorko
STING - Stingray Toting Internet Group
Quake's Ultimate Stingray Trigger Job

Supernova ET
Family: Nova
MFG: Air Star

Spool Valve
Electropneumatic Semiauto
Nova Barrel

The Super Nova ET was the top of the Nova line which began with the Nova 700. This paintgun operated at low pressures, with a bottom-line mounted regulator, and radially symetical spool valve. Rather than using a bolt, pneumatic pressure cause the Nova's barrel to move back into the receiver surrounding the paintball before firing. The ET version featured an electronic trigger. Because all of the Nova's timing was handled pneumatically, the electronics consisted of a trigger switch, safe/fire/load switch, battery, and solenoid valve - no circuit board was needed in the design.
Super Nova ET WARPIG Review
Nova FAQ

Family: Nelson

Nelson inline valve
Pump Action
Trracer (fixed barrels on some models) Barrel

Developed by Brian Sullivan and distributed by PMI, the Trracer was the defacto standard low cost pump paintgun of the early 90s. Based on the Nelson valve design, the Trracer simplified things by using a pump rod that slid through the front of the grip frame and hooked into the bolt, rather than using pump arms and bolts from the sides.
Trracer FAQ by Ryan McNeilly

ULE Automag
Family: Automag
MFG: Airgun Designs

Inline semi auto
Pneumatic blow forward
Autococker threaded Barrel

The ULE Mag is a project gun custom built from Airgun Designs ULE components.
Building an ULE Automag
ULE On a Diet

Family: Sheridan
MFG: Sheridan

Stacked Tube
Blowback Semi
VM-68 Threaded Barrel

The VM-68, or Virtual Machine was produced by Sheridan and distributed by PMI. Very popular as one of the early reliable gravity fed semis, it also had a reputation related to its recoil and significant weight. A rather mechanically complex sear arrangement made trigger maintenance a job not for the faint-hearted.
VM FAQ to end all FAQs by Doug Seman and Nick "Jinxed" Brassard, also known online as HP Lovecraft

Vector M1 Military
Family: Illustrator
MFG: Auto Ordinance

Stacked tube semi
Twist lock Viper M1 Barrel

The Vector M1 is a part for part duplicate of the Viper M1 paintball gun. It features excellent cold weather operation on CO2 and is manufactured and marketed by the sub-contractor which builds parts for the Viper M1.
Vector M1 Military Review
Viper M1 Hyper FAQ

Viper M1
Family: Illustrator
MFG: USA Performance Products

Stacked Tube
Blowback Semi
Sidewinder Twist-Lock Barrel

The Viper M1 set itself apart from other Illustrator style blowback semis with its integrated expansion chamber. The expansion chamber set the CO2 tank at an angle to prevent the feeding of liquid CO2, and was fused to the receiver to maximize heat exchange with the gas allowing reliable cold weather operation on CO2.
Viper M1 FAQ

WGP Autococker
Family: Autococker
MFG: Worr Game Products

Stacked tube - poppet valve
Closed bolt pneumatic cocking semi
Autococker Threaded Barrel

Few paintguns have inspired many variations the Autococker from Worr Game Products. In the 1980s Budd Orr built the Sniper - an aluminum bodied stacked tube paintgun built around the internals and grip from from a PGP paint pistol. In the 1990s Orr added pneumatic operation to the front block so that the Autococker could pump itself with a two step trigger pull. The first portion of the trigger pull releases the hammer from the sear to fire the shot, then as the trigger is pulled farther, the pneumatics are actuated to recock the paintgun for the next shot. In the new millennium the addition of electropneumatic control has allowed modern 'cockers to have electronic timing control and higher rates of fire.
Old School Autococker FAQ (Early 1990s)
ANS Chaos Series Autococker
Eclipse E-Blade Autococker WARPIG Review
Omega Roller Sear for Autococker WARPIG Review
Racegun electronic conversion for Autococker WARPIG Review
Palmer Stop trigger shoe for Autococker WARPIG review
CheckIt Full Force bolt for Autococker WARPIG review
K2 purchase of WGP, including a WGP history
Ravi Chopra's Autococker Infosheet (mid-late 1990s)

Family: Z
MFG: Montneel

Inline Valve
Blowback Semi
Line SI Threaded Barrel

The MegaZ and Z-1 from Montneel utilized a modular construction with cartridge based valves, and unlike most paintguns were built to operate well on liquid CO2. Most Zs used the same barrel threading as line SI Bushmaster pump paintguns, though the Megas sported an innovative pin-lock system for faster barrel removal. A number of Z clones came out under different names including the AK1 Avenger, Boxer, Checkmate, Black Knight and others.
Mega Z and Z1 FAQ by Nick "Jinxed" Brassard AKA HP Lovecraft

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