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When searching for information on a specific paintgun, note the family.  
While not all parts are compatible between all paintguns in a family, there are 
many design similarities which make general information and tips applicable to all.

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Photos by or courtesy manufacturer

For general descriptions of older (pre 1995) paintguns see the paintgun digest by Steve Mitchell

The 68 Automag (powerfeed body shown - right feed, warp feed, and vertical feed bodies also available) features a 3 star valve (warranty = 90 days - after 90 days each star is good for one warranty service).  Integrated regulator (AIR valve) adjusts velocity.

Ravi Chopra's Trigger Job
The Automag Manual courtesy of Air Gun Designs

Mfg: Airgun Designs
Class: Semiauto
Family: Automag
Operation: Blowforward
Gasses: CO2 or HPA
Stock Barrel: 11in
Barrel Mount: Automag Twist Lock
Total Length (with stock barrel): 17.5in
Weight: 2.25 lbs

The Automag FAQ by Steve Mitchell
Automag Tech Talk Forum

The 68 Minimag is a configuration of the Automag originally with a hopper right powerfeed, longer receiver and vertical ASA.  Later models featured hopper left powerfeed, and the only AIR valves with a left side air tap.  Includes 4 warranty stars, plus initial 90 day warranty.

Note: right hand powerfeed bodies require a "minimag barrel" which can twist to the left, as well as right for locking.  Most aftermarket Automag barrels minimag compatible.

Se Automag for more info

Mfg: Airgun Designs
Class: Semiauto
Family: Automag
Operation: Blowforward
Gasses: CO2 or HPA
Stock Barrel: 8in
Barrel Mount: Automag Twist Lock
Total Length (with stock barrel): 13.5in
Weight: 2.65 lbs

The Automag FAQ by Steve Mitchell
Automag Tech Talk Forum

The Alley Cat is a low cost model in the Panther line from ICD, the combination of rear and vertical ASA connections gives versatility in bottle placement, while the 3 point adjustable vertical valve allows gas efficiency to be optimized.  Distributed exclusively by National Paintball Supply.
Mfg: Indian Creek Designs
Class: Semiauto
Family: Panther
Operation: Vertical Valve Blowback
Gasses: CO2 or HPA
Stock Barrel: 10in
Barrel Mount: ICD thread
Total Length (with stock barrel): 18in
Weight: 2.65 lbs

Autococker/Minicocker - Worr Games Products

  • The Autococker FAQ by Martin Heffron
  • Ravi's Autococker Info Sheet at Ravi Chopra's Homepage
  • ANS Chaos Series Autococker Review by Jason Blatt
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  • The Emag product introduction by Bill Mills
  • The Emag review by Bill Mills
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  • Automag RT FAQ by Chris Groppi (and located on the server on his desktop)
  • Automag RT Specs at the AGD web page
  • The Automag Manual courtesy of Air Gun Designs
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  • Blade/Saber - Brass Eagle

  • The Blade and Saber low cost pumps released December 99
  • E Matrix - Diablo Direct

    The EMatrix low pressure electropneumatic paintgun

    Desert Fox - Indian Creek Design

  • The Desert Fox FAQ by Thomas Smailus
  • The Indian Creek Designs Owner's Group
  • The 98 Desert Fox Resource
  • F4 - ACI

  • The F4 Owners Group
  • Nova 700 and Super Nova - Air Star

  • Nova FAQ by Bill Mills
  • SuperNova ET by Bill Mills
  • Nova Owner's Group
  • Master - PEC

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  • Piranha - PMI

  • First Look Piranha review by CJ Schaff
  • Rainmaker - Brass Eagle

  • The Rainmaker FAQ by Bill Mills
  • SL-68 II - Tippmann Pneumatics

    Spyder/Spyder Compact - Kingman International

  • The Spyder Pro List guide to up upgrades and accessories.
  • The Spyder FAQ by CJ SChaff
  • Performing an Spyder Trigger Job on Jeffry Shultz's Homepage
  • secret asIAN man's Spyder upgrade guide at the Spyder Owner's Group web page
  • How to Nurse a sick Spyder to health by Dave Read, at the Spyder Owner's Group web page
  • Gun tear-down, reassembly and trigger jobs by Jon Autry at the Spyder Club
  • Low Pressure Spyders by Matt Bridges at the Spyder Club
  • Shocker - Smart Parts

  • The Shocker FAQ by Paul McClung (based on original Shocker)
  • Inside Turbo Mode - the Shocker Turbo Mode explained.
  • Sidekick Semi-Auto -

  • The Sidekick Semi-Auto by Bill Mills
  • Soverign - G&H Sterling

  • The Sterling Infosheet at the Agent Orange Homepage
  • Sterling - G&H Sterling

  • The Sterling FAQ by J.T. Shupe
  • Stingray - Brass Eagle

  • The Stingray Toting Internet Group - Everything Stingray including tech guides and troubleshooting
  • The Stingray FAQ
  • Trracer - PMI

  • The P.M.I Trracer FAQ by Ryan McNeilly
  • Tippmann Pro-Am/Pro-Lite/Minilite/Carbine - Tippmann Pneumatics

  • The Tippmann Pro-Am FAQ by Steve Mitchell
  • The Tippmann Pro-Lite FAQ by Justin "Zorko" Grill
  • The Tippmann Carbine FAQ
  • Inside The Tippmann a look at how Carbine, Prolite, and M98 valves work
  • The Pro-Carbine Owners Group
  • Tippman Model 98 - Tippmann Pneumatics

  • 98 Custom and Respose Trigger
  • Model 98 Owner's Group
  • TS-1 - ATS Incorporated

  • TS-1 Owners Group
  • Raptor - Brass Eagle

  • The Raptor Owner's Group
  • The Raptor FAQ By Harrison Poole at ROG
  • Typhoon/Hurricane/Stroker - Palmer's Pursuit Shop

  • Ravi's Typhoon trigger job guide at Ravi Chopra's Homepage
  • Ravi and Mark'sTyphoon FAQ/Infosheet at Ravi Chopra's Homepage
  • Vector - Air Power

  • The Vector FAQ by Nathan Fisher
  • The Vector Trouble Shooting Guide by Michel Power - maintained and updated by Larry Plummer
  • Viper M1 - USA Performance Products

  • The Viper-M1 FAQ by Bill Mills
  • VM68/PMI3 - Benjamin Sheridan

  • The VM FAQ to end all FAQs by Nick Brassard
  • Z1/Mega Z - Montneel Design

    The Z and Mega Z FAQ by Nick Brassard

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